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New Items on Peppermint Pursuits! – August 2015

There are a few new items in our Etsy shop: Doll Afternoon Snack Set By Catlover02 Grace Thomas Inspired Bakery Treats By Catlover02 Custom Handmade American Girl Doll Coloring Pages By American Girl Doll Artist Have a great time checking them out! -Catlover02

New Maryellen App- Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned is the name of Maryellen’s new app. You can watch mini movies, listen to songs, or create some of your own movie clips! I am pretty sure you can connect it to Maryellen’s TV. It’s available now in the Apple App Store. — American Girl Doll Artist

American Girl Free Shipping 8/21/15 – 8/24/15

  LINK — American Girl Doll Artist  

Maryellen Sneak Peek- Maryellen’s Living Room

Here’s another sneak peek of Maryellen’s Living Room Set posted on Pinterest by American Girl! 😛 — American Girl Doll Artist

Finish Grace’s Baking Outfit for Girls

Here are some pieces to complete your outfit if you have Grace’s Baking Apron for girls! Baby Blue Tee – LINK Baby Pink Leggings – LINK They are from Justice and they have sizes 5-20 on these items. Their leggings and basic tees are really comfortable. 🙂 –American Girl Doll Artist

Maryellen Sneak Peek – Maryellen’s TV

American Girl shared this picture on their Pinterest board. I see doll feet on the TV screen, and a set of encyclopedias on the shelf. — American Girl Doll Artist

Maryellen Sneak Peek – Living Room Set + Jukebox

American Girl shared 2 more photos of Maryellen’s Living Room set, and her Jukebox. You will be able to plug in your music player to the jukebox. It looks like this goes to her TV. Maybe the living room table and TV go together…. – American Girl Doll Artist  

Maryellen’s Collection Leaks

Here are some photos my friend American Girl Doll Crafter found on Instgram! The prices are from Living A Doll’s Life. Maryellen doll and book will be $115, and her accessories will be $24. Her pajamas are $24, and her hair curler set is $20. Her cherry outfit is $28. This purple gingham school dress is $32. Her birthday dress is $34.   The ice skating outfit is $36 and the ice skating accesories are $24. Her seaside diner is {Read More}

American Girl 2015 Short Film Project

American Girl is having a short film project. Basically, you read a script and then send in your video. It seems like AG is trying to find actors to play the parts of Maryellen and Julie so they can make movies for them. If they made movies, that would be cool. 🙂 Click HERE to see the rules for the film project. It’s pretty confusing to me… I don’t quite understand all of it. Sorry for the lack of news {Read More}

Maryellen Sneak Peek – Living Room Set

Here’s a sneak peek of Maryellen’s living room coffee table. AG posted this on Pinterest!   I think it looks pretty cool and retro looking. I can’t wait to see more of her collection! – American Girl Doll Artist