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Coloring Page and Clay Food Release – January 2016

Hooray! I colored all through Saturday and all through Sunday, and I have 8 new coloring pages listed! Lea Clark Coloring Page – $1.00 Lea Hiking Coloring Page – $1.00 Bahia Berry Stand Coloring Page – $1.00 Snorkeling Coloring Page – $1.00 Kayaking Coloring Page – $1.00 Rainforest Hut Coloring Page – $1.50 Lea Coloring Page Collection (Includes all Lea Coloring Pages) – $5.50 (You save $1) Valentine’s Day Coloring Page – $1.00 Cheerleading Coloring Page – $1.00 I have {Read More}

Review: Sit & Snooze Fold-Out Bed

This bed is one of my favorite things I received for Christmas this year. It’s a great addition to my doll’s house, specifically the bedroom. I mean, I didn’t really have much else in there, besides the bed. 🙂 A blanket and small pillow are included also. First of all, I love the way it looks in the doll’s room. It’s a very colorful piece of furniture. The chair/bed itself is soft lavender color. Personally, I love it, but I’m {Read More}

Book Review: Lea Dives In

My mom went to Barnes and Noble last Saturday and picked up some American Girl books, including Lea’s first 2! I started reading “Lea Dives In” right away. Now that I have finished reading it, I’m going to write a book review! NOTE: This review contains SPOILERS! The book is by Lisa Yee, who also wrote Kanani’s books. The summary of the book from the back cover: “Lea is ready for adventure on a family trip to Brazil, where her {Read More}

Coloring Page Sneak Peeks – January 2016

2016! That feels strange to write! Anyway, I haven’t released any coloring pages lately – but I’ve been busy! Here are some sneak peeks to tide you guys over until I release almost 10 new coloring pages in Peppermint Pursuits! I am most excited for the Lea Clark coloring pages! They’ve been really fun to draw. 🙂 And who would love a photo of a kitten? Catlover02 took this photo. 🙂 Don’t be fooled by Chia Pudding’s  cuteness. He is actually {Read More}

Instore Report – Lea Debut Photos from Charlotte

Kittymeow went to Lea’s debut at the AG store in Charlotte and sent me some photos to share with you guys! Lea’s swim collection. (Uh-oh, the turtle looks like it’s going to try out the kayak!) Looks like the sea turtle was a big hit at the Charlotte store! I see the sign “Temporarily Out of Stock: Sea Turtle.” The sea turtle is my favorite animal so I can see why it was out of stock. 😉 Lea looks so {Read More}

American Girl Publishing Printable Lea Activities

American Girl Publishing has some neat crafts and activities you can print out. There’s a color-poster, a printable turtle craft, a quiz, and more. You can find them all HERE.  The turtle craft was at Lea’s debut, and so was a larger version of the color-in poster. – American Girl Doll Artist  

Au Revoir – A Photostory

Jamie crept up beside the wardrobe. She peeked around the corner, spotting Sarah, who was talking with Isabelle. “Psst!” Isabelle and Sarah immediately stopped talking and looked around. “Psst! Over here!” Jamie hissed. Sarah rolled her eyes, but went over to Jamie anyway. “I know what you’re up to!” Sarah said with an accusatory tone. Jamie tried to make her innocent face. She failed, miserably. “What’s she up to?” Isabelle asked, clueless. “Oh, she’s going to tell me how it’s {Read More}

Doll Diaries Giveaway – Lea Clark Doll

Doll Diaries is giving away a full-sized Lea Clark doll! You can enter the giveaway HERE. They said American Girl sent them the doll for free. I wish AG would send me a doll to give away! But they probably only do it to Doll Diaries because it’s such a popular blog. 🙂 They’ve been around since 2006. – American Girl Doll Artist

Melody Ellison’s Second Book and Journey Book Cover

On American Girl wikia, they have posted a photo of Melody Ellison’s second book cover, “Never Stop Singing,” and her Journey book, “Music in my Heart.” She is wearing the Flower Peplum Dress that was leaked on eBay several weeks ago. I think she looks really pretty and I can’t wait to read her books! 🙂 – American Girl Doll Artist

Lea Clark’s Collection – My Thoughts

Hello everyone! Today I’ll be going over Lea’s collection and sharing my thoughts on each item. Let’s get started! First, the doll. I LOVE Lea. She is so pretty. I love her hair color with her complexion and eye color. I also love her dress. It’s so cheery and colorful. If/When I get Lea, she would be in her meet dress most of the time! I love that she’s $120 like Isabelle and Grace, and comes with a messenger bag, {Read More}