The Guiding Compass – Part 4

That night when the rest of the dolls were asleep, Sarah and Grace were up late. Grace was just finishing up a batch of croissant dough to refrigerate overnight and Sarah was just chilling out. Grace silently watched the mixer blade turn around and around.  The batter was getting thicker as the flour was mixed in. “Sarah?” She asked, as the blade stopped. “Hm?” Sarah was snuggled up in her pajamas reading a book on the fold out chair. She {Read More}

The Guiding Compass – Part 3

Lea looked up and nodded, “That’d be great, thanks.” “Okay, just follow me!” Grace exclaimed. Grace left the room with Lea at her heels and entered the spare room, which they had prepared for Lea with a trundle bed and a desk. “Here we are!” Grace exclaimed, spreading her arms out wide. “Your room!” Lea looked around. The walls were a little drab, but her eyes lit up when she spotted a paper sea turtle hung up on the wall {Read More}

The Guiding Compass – Part 2

The door opened slightly, and a timid-looking girl appeared in the doorway. Her dirty blonde curls matched her tan complexion and reached the waist of her brightly colored tribal print dress. With one of her hands she clutched the embroidered strap of her burlap messenger bag and in the other she held a camera. Its neon pink strap dangled from it, unused. She had set down beside her an American Girl shopping bag. It was obvious it was filled with {Read More}

Introducing… The Guiding Compass – Part 1

Ahem. I think it’s time to start my new series – The Guiding Compass. As you probably have already guessed, the Guiding Compass is going to star Lea… Grace… Kanani… Sarah… Kaya… Isabelle… …and Jamie. And some other people I’m not going to mention at the moment. Without further ado, The Guiding Compass, Part 1! *dim the lights* Kanani Akina straightened the skirt of her blue, peplum dress and surveyed the room before her.  She and her 5 other sisters had {Read More}