There’s More to Come ~ Part 1

It started with a knock.

Then the barking began. Coconut, Jade, Bonbon and Yuki all scrambled to the door, tails wagging, and yipping like the world was coming crashing down around them.

“Ugh, my ears!” Grace side-stepped through the excited puppies and tried to calm them down as she made her way to the door. “Ok, ok, shush, shush!”


The puppies quieted down, anxiously awaiting to see the source of the knock. Grace peered through the eye hole and saw an older girl, about the age of 16, if not 17.

Grace opened the door slowly before asking her, “Can I help you?” The look of impatience the girl shot Grace made her want to slam the door in the girl’s face, but she held it open and smiled sweetly.


The girl flipped her hair, pursed her delicately lip-glossed lips and stuck out her hand. “Winnie Claire. I’m here to aid Miss Jessica in her ‘hair emergency’.”


“Miss Je… Oh, you mean Jessica?” Grace shook Winnie’s hand, turned towards the living room and hollered, “Jessica, some fashion queen is here looking for you!”

Jessica appeared behind Grace a second later, her hair tied up in a messy bun and looking utterly excited. “A fashion queen!? Really!” She peered at the girl. “Oh, it’s you Winnie!”


“Yup.” Winnie blew a bubble of gum and sucked it back up.

Grace looked from Winnie to Jessica. “Care to inform me of what’s going on?”

“Oh.” Jessica shrugged nonchalantly. “She’s my personal hair stylist.”


Winnie gasped, pretending to be offended. “Darling, might I remind you, I am also the best hair stylist.”

Jessica smiled. “Also correct.”

“I’ll never understand you fashion obsessed girls.” Grace sighed. She watched as the two of them headed towards the wardrobe, probably to deal with Jessica’s so-called ‘hair emergency’.


Then she remembered something.

The night before, Mom had left her out on the giant couch instead of in her regular spot in the doll’s kitchen. And she’d noticed a suspiciously shaped box on the counter.

Grace knew she’d never seen that doll before. Quickly, she tiptoed after the two girls and peered around the corner, where Winnie and Jessica were talking. They certainly didn’t look like they were doing anything that had to do with hair.


In fact, Winnie looked a little sad.

‘They are definitely up to something.’ Grace thought. She inched her way back across the wall, desperate to not make a sound.

“Hey.” Renae appeared next to Grace. “Are you spying. ‘Cause I love spying.”


Grace was proud of herself for not shrieking as she turned to face her sister, whose amber eyes were glowing with anticipation and excitement. “I’m not spying. I’m… observing.” She whispered.Β “How are you so quiet?!”

“I like to think it’s a gift.” Renae whispered, smugly. She tried to look around Grace. “So who are you observing?”


“None of your business.” Grace hissed back, arms crossed.

Renae smiled. “I’m not leaving.”

“Neither am I.” Grace replied. She glared at her sister.

Renae glared back.


Then she smirked. “I’ll bet is has something to do with those phone calls Jessica’s been making these past few days.”

“What?” Grace frowned, “I didn’t know she’d been making phone calls. When was this?”

“I don’t think she wanted anyone to know.” Renae leaned towards Grace’s ear, “I stayed up a few nights ago and caught something about ‘moving’ and ‘new home’, but I couldn’t catch who she was talking to.”

Grace turned back to Jessica and Winnie, and they were both wearing the same sorrowful expressions.


Then something clicked. She knew why the girl was there, in the doll’s house.

“Ugggg…” Grace groaned and pulled on her braids. She turned back to Renae. “Ok, I’m going to tell you something, but we should probably talk somewhere else.” She began pushing Renae towards the living room.

“Wait a second, I want to see what happens!” Renae protested excitedly.


“But I have something else to tell you, and it’s way better than spying on those two emotional wrecks.” Grace crossed her arms again, determined to make Renae follow her.

Renae sighed. “Fine. But this had better be good.” She headed towards the living room, wondering what could be better than spying on sisters.

So.. hehe.

I didn’t plan on making this a series, but the I kinda of just kept writing and writing. Now this “introduction” story is 6 parts long. πŸ˜…

I hope you all enjoy it! The next part should be up on Friday.Β πŸ˜‚

– Catlover02

P.S. I’ve already written and taken all the photos for every part, so there is no room for procrastination on my part!Β πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ˜ŽΒ πŸŽ‰Β *mini celebration occurs* *with chocolate cake*Β *because… chocolate*



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  1. Awww, I love this! And that new doll! 😍 She’s so pretty. Can’t wait to see what happens next! Thanks for the post!

  2. This is wonderful! I love all of your photo stories and especially the photos. I’m sure that this will be a great photo story and I can’t wait for the rest of it. 67 is a beauty, congrats on getting her!