Meet the Dolls

Meet the dolls! I (American Girl Doll Artist) own Kanani, Kaya, Jamie, Sarah, Isabelle, Grace, Lea, Taylor, and Rebecca.  Catlover02 owns Bethany, Josefina, Jessica, Spring, Grace, Pippa, Amaya, Camille and Renae. Read the profiles or look at the list of dolls at the bottom of the page.



I got Kanani used off of Ebay for $215 with free shipping. I had always liked Kanani. My family started allowances in 2012, so I just missed her. I got her in 2013.  She came all the way from Pennsylvania. I paid for most of her, but because it was almost Christmas, my parents paid for some of it too. Her birthday is December 9th. Her personality is gentle and caring. She loves nature and is always up for adventure!

Kanani’s Favorites:

Food: Coconut Shave Ice

Colors: Light green and light blue.

Movie: Frozen.

Outfit: Her light blue floral sundress.

Sports: Swimming and Paddleboarding

Allergies: Wheat.

What she really wants: her own dog, or an American Girl doll.

Fun Fact: Kanani used to have curly hair, but her old owner made it straight.




I bought Kaya with my own money right after my birthday in 2012. I had liked Kaya for years, and I still do now. I love her unique face. Her cheeks make her look like a toddler. Even though she is the second oldest, she will always be the baby of the family. 🙂

Kaya’s Favorites:

Food: Salmon and berries.

Colors: Blue, orange and red.

Movie: She hasn’t watched any.

Outfit: Her LE Modern Shawl outfit.

Allergies: She thinks she’s allergic to sugar.

What she really wants: A puppy.

Fun Fact: Kaya’s birthday is one week after mine. March 9th. 🙂 Kaya doesn’t know much English, but is learning more all of the time. She doesn’t want to go to school.


I bought her with my own money on my birthday. My family went to the American Girl store and I got her. I opened her the next day though, so her birthday is March 3rd. I love her skin and curly hair. She looks great in anything pink! Jamie tends to act before she thinks, and will create sticky situations with herself stuck in the middle. Jamie loves pink, sparkles and anything fashionable. That’s why she was the first doll to have earrings.

Jamie’s Favorites:

Food: Coffee.

Colors: Pink and Purple (she’s a girly girl).

Movie: Aristocats.

Outfit: Isabelle’s scrunch pants with any shirt, “as long as it’s cute and fashionable”.

Allergies: None.

What she really wants: The latest clothes!

Fun Fact: Jamie’s twin sister is Cecile. They are almost look-alikes, but Cecile has green eyes and Jamie has brown.



I received Sarah for Christmas 2009. I wanted an American Girl doll for a very long time. Sarah caught my eye in the catalog that year. I loved her to death. Her hair used to be wavy, but now it’s stick straight. Maybe it’s a good sign. Sarah knows she’s been loved, and thinks her straight hair is something positive. Colorful hair add-ons make her hair look more colorful and interesting.

Sarah’s Favorites:

Food: Chicken.

Color: Blue

Movie: Tangled.

Outfit: Isabelle’s coral sweater with jeans.

Allergies: Just seasonal, nothing major.

What she really wants: Nothing. She’s pretty content with her life. 🙂

Fun Fact: Sarah’s eyes are sky blue. They are so blue that when I take a picture of her, her eyes look like their glowing! Sarah’s name means Princess.



I bought Isabelle with my own money in June, 2014. We took a trip to the American Girl store in Kansas City. You can read more about it here.  I love Isabelle. She is my only doll with blond hair, and light skin. She has green eyes like Kanani. Isabelle’s personality is cheerful and confident. She loves cats and has her own kitten named Tutu.

Isabelle’s Favorites:

Food: Bagels and Coffee.

Color: Purple and Coral.

Movie: Her Isabelle movie.

Outfit: Her meet outfit.

Allergies: Chocolate.

What she really wants: To be a famous ballerina when she grows up.

Fun Fact: Isabelle adores her gold glitter shoes. Though she generously shares them with her sisters.



Grace is the one with big ideas. Alway coming up with new and better ideas, she loves being the boss of her own baking business: La Petite Patisserie. Her trip to Paris changed her life for the better and helped her expand her baking skills. Being a baker comes in handy in the Small Dolls in a Big World household. She doesn’t mind a bit helping them out by putting breakfast (and dessert) on the table each and every day.

How I got Grace: In 2014, I had just bought Isabelle. I told Catlover02 that she could get the next GOTY, unless, she looked like me. And what do you know – she did! Grace Thomas stole my heart in December 2014 when she was leaked. I told myself I couldn’t get her – Catlover02 and I had never had duplicate dolls

Food: Raspberry Tarts

Color: Light Blue

Movie: Grace Stirs Up Success

Outfit: Grace’s Travel Coat

Animal: Puppies!

Allergies: Wheat and Dairy

Best Friend: Isabelle

Hobbies: Baking, baking, and more baking!

What she really wants: Take another trip to Paris someday.

Fun Fact: Grace’s lips are darker than any other doll, including Catlover02’s Grace!



Lea Clark has a long past – she’s a Jedi! Bearing a blue lightsaber, she’s fought a knight of Ren and went on a huge journey to save her sisters. You can read all about her adventure in “The Guiding Compass” series. She is very determined, like Tay, and due to her past, had a hard time accepting her new sisters when she arrived. However, she grew used to then and now treasures her new family. Lea is shy, and is prone to stand back in the conversation, but once she gets warmed up, she’s fine.

How I got Lea: Lea is the 7th doll in the family. I bought her with my own allowance and money I’d earned through Etsy. My family went to the AG store and I got to pick her out along with her exclusive collection and ear piercings. I told myself not to like Lea because I needed to buy some things for Kaya and Kanani’s collections, but when she was leaked, I knew I’d end up buying her.

Birthday: January 24th

Lea’s Favorites:

Food: Frappechinos.

Color: Yellow

Movie: The Force Awakens

Outfit: Her meet outfit

Animals: Parrot

Allergies: None

Best Friend: Tay

Hobbies: Imaginary lightsaber dueling (against herself), and photography.

What she really wants: To be a powerful Jedi

Fun Fact: Tay and Lea are best buddies. In “The Guiding Compass,” Lea actually found Tay and they went off on a grand adventure to fight an evil Sith before coming back home to live with the dolls.



Taylor (also known as Tay because “Taylor sounds too girly)  is the ultimate tomboy. Want her to wear something pink? You’ll have to beg. Tay’s involved in many sports, her favorite of which is soccer. She can’t stand pink dresses, and is the first to get into a quarrel with Jamie. The two are known to knock heads on fashion choices. Tay is very determined, confident, and doesn’t hesitate to tell other people how she feels. Oh, and don’t call her cute — She’ll be out for revenge.

How I got Tay: American Girl held a contest in the winter of 2016 called the World by Girls contest. I entered in a drawing and a paragraph I created about a place in the world that would help girls. You can learn more about my entry here. In February, AG picked the winners, and I won first place in my age category! I won $500 worth of prizes, one of which was Truly Me #64: Tay. I had to wait quite a while for her, but it was worth it. Tay has a very special place in my heart and I will treasure her always. 🙂

Tay’s Favorites:

Food: Literally anything.

Color: Anything but pink. Preferably green.

Movie: Rogue One. (She’s a Star Wars fanatic just like Lea)

Outfit: Her Guiding Compass Outfit and her soccer uniform.

Animal: Owls and Lions.

Allergies: None.

Best Friend: Lea

Hobbies: Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, she’ll try anything.

What she really wants: To have fun, be free, and be herself. And watch Rogue One.

Fun Fact: Tay was the first Asian to be welcomed into the Small Dolls in a Big World family.


Rebecca Rubin

Profile details coming soon! 😀



Catlover02’s Dolls:


I received Bethany from my parents on Christmas of 2009. I remember seeing the two rectangular boxes (One for me, and the other for my sister) and somehow recognizing them as American Girl Doll boxes, though I don’t remember how I’d known what size they were, because I didn’t even play with dolls that much back then. I didn’t know how to care for Bethany properly until about 2012 and by then I had already used plastic brushes to brush her hair. But Bethany doesn’t really care how her hair looks, as long as it’s out of the way. 🙂

Favorite Food: Um.. Pretty much all foods

Favorite Color: White, and Gray

Favorite TV Show: America’s Funniest Home Videos

Hobby: Annoying her sisters

Pets: Praline

Favorite Blog:

Fun Fact: She’s my only doll with line eyebrows.


I bought Josefina on a vacation down to Texas in 2012. I hadn’t saved up enough money for her, but my Mom allowed me to purchase her at the AG store, and then open her when I had the money. It was a long, LONG wait, but I finally opened her up and and happily introduced her to Bethany. She was very easy to care for, as her hair was in a braid most of the time, and I had just learned that plastic brushes ruined doll hair.

Favorite Food: Tamales

Favorite Colors: Red, Yellow and Orange

Favorite Animal: Baby Goats <3

Favorite Toy: Her Nina doll (Mini Josefina)

Pets: Sombrita

Best Friend: Kaya

Fun Fact: I can actually switch out Josefina’s earrings! I removed her gold hoops and widened the hole, so now she can wear the Truly Me type of earrings, though she prefers gold studs.


Jessica was my third doll that I bought in 2013, on my sister’s birthday trip to the AG store. We both bought MYAG dolls, and Jessica was the closet look-alike I could get, at the time. She also gave me InnerstarU access, which I used a LOT. Jessica was bought on the same day as Jamie, so the two are best buds, though it’s usually Jamie who’s leading them into trouble, and Jessica who follows right along with her.

Favorite Food: Chocolate!

Favorite Colors: Gray and Pink

Hobby: Browsing at the mall, or shopping online

Best Friend: Jamie

Favorite Blog:

Fun Fact: Jessica is the fashionista of the family and claims to be the owner of the doll wardrobe.


Spring was my fourth doll that I bought in June of 2014. She was my second MYAG doll, giving me yet another access code the InnerstarU, though I rarely used it because of the progress I already had on Jessica’s account. I was drawn to Spring because of her beautiful hair, though I had no idea how to care for it. It was a hassle at first, but a few tutorials taught me how to correctly curl it and now her hair looks as beautiful as ever. Spring loves all animals, but has to settle with living with only a few. If I didn’t give her a limit, the house would become a barn. XD

Favorite Food: Raspberry Cheesecake

Favorite Colors: Coral and Aqua

Favorite Movie: Dolphin Tale

Favorite Animals: Puppies and Dolphins

Hobby: Crafting and writing

Pets: She has three. Coconut, Jade and Tutu

Best Friend: Isabelle

Favorite Blog:

Fun Fact: Spring was actually bought on the first day of summer. 🙂


Grace is very special to me because I worked the hardest to save up for her. Around late 2014, leaks of Grace and her collection were appearing and I thought she was just so gorgeous and unique. So I did tons of chores around the house, hoping to buy her as soon as I could. Soon I had enough for her and I bought her online. She arrived on January 12th, 2015. I was so excited to open her and play with her. She has probably gotten the most play of any of my dolls. She inspired my sister and I to bake a whole variety of different sweets, including a few French desserts! 🙂

Favorite Colors: Light Blue and Light Pink

Favorite Movie: Grace Stirs up Success

Favorite TV Show: Masterchef Junior

Favorite Animal: French Bulldogs

Hobby: Baking and Blogging

Pets: Bonbon

Best Friend: Grace (American Girl Doll Artist’s)

Favorite Blog:

Fun Fact: She was my first Girl of the Year doll, and the wardrobe is full of her clothing collection. Her *cough* *cough* very large clothing collection.


Pippa was my fifth doll that I bought on February 20th, 2016. I wasn’t originally going to buy her, mostly because I had just bought the last GOTY, but Lea was so unique and pretty that she I finally bought her. Though, I decided to change her name. I purchased her around the time I was – and still am – obsessed with Star Wars, so she is my Star Wars fangirl. She had a special affection for droids, especially BB-8, and loves writing fanfictions about the characters.

Favorite Food: Milkshakes

Favorite Colors: Green, Dark Blue and Purple

Favorite Movie: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Favorite Animal: Turtles

Nickname(s): Pip, Pip-Pip, Button

Hobbies: Hiking, Doll Photography and Fangirling

Allergies: Chocolate and Pineapple

Favorite Blog:

Fun Fact: Her compass necklace is actually from her sister, Amaya.


Amaya was a surprise addition. In June, all of the Truly Me doll were on sale for only $98. I had been eyeing #58, hoping to add an African-American to my collection and this was the perfect chance. The problem was, I had no name for her and I didn’t want to hurry into buying a doll right after I had just bough Pippa in February. But I saw that #58 was backordered and I ended up purchasing her, knowing that I’d have at least a month to work out her name and personality. But that wait was very, very long. In that time, I switched from one name to another, until I finally decided on the name, Amaya, the day before she arrived on June 27th, 2015. Amaya takes ballet and tap, but she also enjoys being outside with her sisters.

Favorite Colors: Light pink and all shades of teal

Favorite Movie: Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight

Favorite Animal: Persian cats

Nickname: Birdie

Allergies: Poison Ivy

Favorite Doll Blog:

Best Friend: Pippa and Jamie

Fun Fact: Amaya was my first African-American doll and her hair is actually the easiest the take care of.


I bought Camille as a birthday present for myself on September 30th during a trip to the AG store. I had really been against the idea of the Wellie Wishers from the start, but they were growing on me. A lot. I almost considered buying Kendall, as a little sister of Amaya, but I just really loved Camille’s bright expression and adorable outfit. Camille may be the smallest of the family, but she really can be a big annoyance. She especially enjoys bugging the “big girls” and following Pippa everywhere. 🙂

Favorite Colors: Mermaid Colors (Blue and Green)

Favorite Movie: Finding Dory

Favorite Animal: Mermaids…?

Nickname: Chirpy

Best Friend: Emerson

Favorite Doll Blog:

Fun Fact: Camille has to take naps! Much to the older girls’ relief.

Renae is my eighth addition to my doll family. I bought her on January 6th, 2017 and fell in love with her beautiful Sonali face mold and amber eyes at the store. Her website photo wasn’t too impressive, but in person she is so adorable and very photogenic. Renae is the quietest girl in my doll family. She is very shy and especially non-talkative around strangers, unless the subject is books. She loves reading and spends most of her free time writing short stories, which almost always involve herself as the main character. She’s also a big daydreamer, and enjoys sitting somewhere quiet imagining she’s in a galaxy far, far away.

Favorite Colors: Pastel green

Favorite Food: Salty foods, specifically chips and pretzels

Favorite Movie: Moana and Star Wars Rebels

Favorite Animal: She doesn’t really care for animals, but cats are okay

Best Friend: Maryellen

Hobbies: Hermiting, Writing and Drawing

Favorite Doll Blog:

Fun Fact: Renae likes to spend her time curled up on the couch hermiting and drawing her favorite book characters.

Samanthalover’s dolls:



Katie was Samanthalover’s first doll, and this JLY doll, looks just like her! She has had her for almost 6 years, and Katie has seen a lot. 🙂 Katie has a pet dalmatian named Confetti and loves anything sparkly.

Katie’s favorites:

Food: Grilled cheese sandwiches

Animal: Dolphins

Color: Light green and blue

Movie: 101 Dalmations

Outfit: Pretty Plie Ballet Outfit

Hobbies: Reading, and watching movies

What she loves: Being the oldest sister



Samanthalover also owns Samantha, hence her username. 🙂 Samantha is her second doll, and she’s had her for almost a year. She is similar in personality to her sister, Katie. Owning many frilly and lacy clothes, she is semi-old-fashioned and has a pet dog named Jip.

Samantha’s favorites:

Food: Mini sweet tarts

Animal: Bunnies

Color: Pink and purple

Movie: Finding Nemo

Outfit: Frilly Frock Outfit

Hobbies: Sightseeing and painting

What she loves: Owning her own puppy

Our Mom’s doll (By AG Doll Artist):


Darica (pronounced Dare-i-ka) has the reddest hair in the house. She is TM 61. My mom bought Darica for herself as a birthday present at the American Girl store in June of 2015. Darica’s first appearance was made in a fashion show. Darica loves fashion and anything glittery. Her personality is similar to Jamie’s.

Doll Header Final


Confused about who owns which doll? Here’s a list to help you:

American Girl Doll Artist owns:

Sarah, Kaya, Jamie, Kanani Akina, Isabelle Palmer, Grace Thomas, Lea Clark, and Taylor (Tay).

Catlover02 owns:

Bethany, Josefina Montoya, Jessica, Spring, Grace Thomas, Pippa, Amaya, Camille and Renae.

Samanthalover owns:

Katie, Samantha Parkington and Sophie.

Julie fan owns:

Julie Albright and Maryellen Larkin.

Our mom owns:

Darica (TM 61) and Melody Ellison.


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