Lea Clark Beach Items Stock Photos

On the Indigo website, there are pictures of a few Lea sets stock photos. First, her Beach accessories:


american girl beachThe description of this set says:

Lea is ready for a day of amazing beach adventures! What will she explore next? It’s up to your girl with this set: A swim mask with adjustable straps and pretend water droplets. A snorkel that attaches to the mask. Swim fins with tropical flower graphics. An adorable baby sea turtle, like the ones Lea sees hatching. A sea turtle egg with a hatchling coming out. A beach towel with ribbon straps to roll it up and a pretend tube of sunscreen

Next is her mix-n-match swimsuit:


american girl beach 2

american girl beach 3

american girl beach 4

The description of this set says:

Once Lea finally finds the courage to swim in the ocean, nothing can stop her! This set can be worn four different ways, and includes: A sporty rash guard top, a tankini top with fringe at the neckline, a green swimsuit bottom with a pink waistband, a pink swimsuit bottom with printed side panels and a hair accessory.


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  1. Julia Grace Phillips says:

    It’s interesting that Lea’s eyes look hazel in all these pictures, because in the video, they looked like Caroline eyes!

  2. I like this set, but now that I’ve seen it on the doll, I’m not so sure… :/

  3. Emma (Wack-A-Doodle-Dolls) says:

    Oh my gosh, Lea is so beautiful! I love that first swimsuit on her, I don’t have any swimsuits for my dolls…hmmm…maybe I should get it!;)

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