She’s Here! Welcome Lea!

Lea Clark is finally here! Here are some gorgeous photos and illustrations from the American Girl website!








There’s also a photo of Melody Ellison and the special edition mini dolls!



Who’s excited for Lea?

I am!

– American Girl Doll Artist

P.S. I’ll be doing a “My Opinion” post later today or tomorrow. 🙂


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  1. I am so excited about Lea!!!!!!!!!! She is probably joining my doll family! 😀
    I love the special edition mini dolls, too!

  2. I know my sister is probably going to get her. I really like the rainforest hut BUT…… waaaaaaa I have to wait for the summer for Melody(and I just convinced my mom to take me to Melody’s debut because I read she was rumored to come out Jan/Feb) :0(

  3. I am!! I love lea so much! I can’t wait to add her to my doll collection!

  4. Lea is so cute! I’m SO excited for Melody. 🙂

  5. I have mini Maryellen, she is really cute, but her pony tale is really high. Lea is so pretty!

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