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Kanani goes to the Bakery

“We are running low on treats,” Kanani said one day, “I’ll have to go to the bakery.” Kanani grabbed her purse and set out to the bakery downtown. Just as Kanani walked through the front door, the smell of freshly baked treats filled her nose. “Mmmmmm!” she said, taking a deep breath. The bakery was one of her favorite places to shop. “May I help you?” said the cashier named Bethany. “Yes, I would like to buy some treats, but {Read More}

Kaya’s Sleepover Part 2

Kaya and Josefina woke up the next morning and found Kanani in the kitchen. “What’s the big idea bringing Josefina over?” Kanani teased, “Jamie nearly had a heart-attack!” “Sorry Jamie!” Kaya called. Then she said to Josefina, “I’m going to make breakfast. Do you like pancakes and fruit?” “Yes!” Josefina said. Together, they made breakfast and ate. Then Josefina had to go home. “I wish I could stay longer, my sister has been texting me all morning, wondering where I’ve been.” Josefina {Read More}

Memorial Day

Today, I went to the Memorial Day service in my town to honor those who are fighting (or fought) for our freedom. Jamie and her friend Jessica (my sister’s doll) came along too. Jamie wore a red shirt with stars on it. She also had a white jacket, but it was humid, so she took it off. Here is Jamie proudly standing in front of the memorial to all people who serve the USA. “I am thankful to the people {Read More}

Kaya’s Sleepover

Kaya woke up on Saturday with a big smile on her face. She went to the kitchen and found her 3 other sisters dressed. “What’s up?” she asked. “We’re going shopping today!” said Sarah, “Do you want to come?” Kaya wrinkled her nose. Shopping was one of her least favorite things to do. “No, thanks.” said Kaya. “Come on guys, or we’ll miss all the sales!” Jamie said. Sarah, Kanani and Jamie left the house, leaving Kaya all alone. Well, {Read More}

Braid Hairstyle for Long Haired Dolls

Today, I made this cute, braided hairstyle for Kanani, and it is adorable. It’s a hairstyle perfect for summer! The style would be hard on short-haired dolls, easier on long-haired dolls like Kanani, Kaya and Josefina. I started on the right side of the doll’s head, and started a French braid. Part of the hair was sticking up, and that’s why I used that coral clip. Not until after, did I realize that this hairstyle almost looks like Elsa’s hairstyle, {Read More}

Kanani Goes Outdoors!

  “What a beautiful day it is outside!” Kanani said, taking a walk, “I’m going to play camping.” She found some big rocks and made a circle. “Now, time for the sticks!” Kanani said. She looked for sticks around her camp ground. Then she arranged the sticks to look like a camp fire. “If only Kaya were here!” Kanani thought, “SHE could start this fire.” Kanani considered rubbing the sticks together, but refused. What if the fire got out of control? {Read More}

Tour of the Dolls’ House

This is where my dolls live! They have tidied up the house so I could have a photo shoot. Everyone got up early this morning because they were so excited. Kaya is making pancakes in the kitchen for her sisters. The stove is made from a cardboard box, tape, paper and markers. The oven doesn’t open, but I could cut it with a craft knife so it would. Kaya cooked the pancakes in a mini frying pan. The pancakes are thin, round {Read More}

Mini Isabelle Takes a Trip

Recently, Mini Isabelle took a vacation to Iowa with me. My family and I were getting our pictures taken, and Mini Isabelle decided to explore the studio (aka. get into mischief). First, she checked out the walls. “This wood floor and brick wall would be nice for a ballet studio!” Isabelle said. Then she posed for a few pictures until moving onto the next wall. Isabelle liked the purple one, with the white woodwork. It was just the right size for {Read More}

Meet the Dolls

My dolls are so excited that I have a blog, and so they just wanted to share a little bit about themselves. Hi, I’m Kanani Akina and I’m 10 years old, the youngest in my family. I have lived with Mommy since December 2013 and I am loving it! This life is like paradise, compared to my old home. Except there’s no palm trees, shave ice, or beaches. Eyes: Green Hair: Brown. Favorite food: Ice cream Favorites colors: Blue and green. Favorite movie: {Read More}