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Blog Update

This is just a quick post. Today, I drew a picture of all my dolls: Isabelle, Kanani, Sarah, Kaya and Jamie. I am currently using it for my blog header photo. I hope you like it! 🙂 It took me a little over an hour. Using a ruler, I drew straight lines across the page, so the dolls would mostly be the same size. It worked for me! 🙂 If you would like a picture of your dolls, tell me {Read More}

Doll Photos

I took these pictures a long while ago, but still wanted to share them with you guys. Some of them are pretty funny! I hope you enjoyed these photos!

Isabelle stop motion

Today I worked on a fun, but short stop motion of Isabelle. Since she has such gorgeous eyes (and she is my newest doll) I picked her first. I probably will be making more videos of my other dolls very soon. Please comment if you enjoyed it. I know it is a little shaky, but I am a beginner at these.  

Stalker Dollies Video

This is a super funny American Girl stop motion video from YouTube by American Girl 088. Click THIS to watch it! In the comments, tell me what you think of it. Also, another user named Basilmentos has a funny video called The Picnic. Enjoy! I am working on making my own stop motion. I might have it done in 1 or 2 weeks. Bye for now! 🙂  

Kanani Returns!

Jamie sighed while setting out the plates for a snack, “When is Kanani coming back?” she wondered aloud, not talking to Sarah, “She’s been gone for 1 and a half days now!” “Be patient.” Sarah suggested, “Mommy probably got back late and left Kanani in the living room.” “I’m home!” Kanani called, walking through the front door. “Wow, nice dress!” said Kaya, “Where did you get it?” “At the American girl store!! It was only $16, with a $50 purchase,” {Read More}

Trip to the American Girl Store

Last Saturday, my sister wanted to go to the American girl store for her birthday, but we had some stuff going on. So yesterday we traveled to Kansas City to go shopping (and get some groceries).  I saved up my money from allowance and from doing chores. I was super excited. Warning: Some of the pictures have bad lighting! 🙁 It wasn’t busy at all, but it wasn’t empty. My sisters and I had a great time looking at all of {Read More}

Saturday Update

Today my family and I are going to Kansas City to……. (Drumroll please) The American girl store!! I am taking my camera. Check back tomorrow for pictures! I’m sorry that I haven’t posted for a few days. My week has been kind of crazy. 🙂

Review: Bitty Baby changing table

This is a very sturdy wooden play table. I’m sure that it will last a long time. On the top is the diaper changing area. My sister also uses it as a bed. She stores her books in it along with her clothes. There is lots of room for everything. On the left side is a hanging caddy. If you are wondering what is in it, it’s clay food that I’ve made. Bitty baby and bitty twin shoes also fit {Read More}

Kanani’s Discovery

“Hey, look,” Kanani said, “It’s a catalog. Come on Pepper, lets look at it!” “Oooo! I just love that new hat. It would go with so many of my outfits! Hey Jamie, come look at this! Oh wait, she’s sleeping.” “Wait a minute!” Kanani couldn’t believe her eyes. “Who is this?” “Is this the new girl of the year?” Kanani shrieked, not even bothering to keep her voice down. “How could they? I am the girl of the year! Or so {Read More}

Mini Isabelle’s Vacation House

Hey! It’s Mini Isabelle here. I’m vacationing in my mom’s house. It is totally awesome. I took some pictures to show you! It’s my dream house. I am so thankful that everything is just the right size for a mini doll like me! If you guessed Kaya was the new mini doll, you’re right! Now I have a brand new mini friend! –Isabelle 🙂