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App Review: Runaway Pup

Runaway pup is a fun, entertaining InnerstarU app. It is sold for 3 dollars in the App Store. This is the home screen when you first open the app. By playing the game, you earn badges which give you stars, for your Innerstar U account. You can log in by pushing the button in the upper left corner. You pick a guide to play as. I chose Emmy. Before you start the game, you can choose your guide’s clothes and {Read More}

New American Girl Summer Items!

American girl just came out with some new, fun summer accessories and outfits for My American girl dolls and Bitty Babies. For the 18″ dolls, there is a new outfit, summer accessories to go with the outfit and a beach chair. The chair also comes with some pieces of play food (pineapple, shave ice, etc.) Bitty Babies have a new swimsuit, snack set, a sun shade. The swim suit doesn’t match the My Ag one, like it has before.  There {Read More}

Hairstyle: Fishtail Braid

Since today was Sunday, Kanani got into her church dress and I did her hair into a fishtail braid. It looks stunning on her. I have a lot of bright-colored clothes that look great with my dark-skinned dolls. This dress is the 2013 holiday dress from American Girl. I got it on sale for $18!! They might still be having the sale, so you should go check it out! I love this hairstyle. It is very easy to make and it {Read More}

Say Goodbye to Ruthie, Ivy, Marie-Grace and Cecile!

Yesterday, my mom and I were on American girl and we saw that American girl is retiring Marie-Grace, Cecile, Ruthie and Ivy! It is kind of strange, because American girl usually retires dolls at the end of the year, not in the middle. Also, they are retiring 4 dolls, not 1 or 2, like usual. After the 4 dolls are gone, there will be no more dolls with friends! I do not plan on buying any of the dolls. Ivy {Read More}

Innerstar University

Today I played on my Innerstar U account. My username is Jamie 1179. I took some screenshots. I really like Innerstar U books. I have A Winning Goal, Project Friendship, Into the Spotlight, Bound for Snow, Braving the Lake, A Girl’s Best Friend, I <3 Art and A Girl’s Word. The last two are activity books. I changed Jamie’s hairstyle and bought the birthday party outfit from Casual Closet. This is Jamie’s bedroom. Jamie’s profile in her yearbook. I helped Jamie {Read More}

Inkpot the Explorer

Hello, this is Inkpot the explorer. I am outside, well, exploring. Come along with me on my adventures, that is if I have any. Just as soon as I walked out the front door unnoticed, I almost collided with a giant orange creature. It looked as if it was a no-nonsense creature, so I left as to not get into any trouble. Whoever heard of a cat and cat fight? Hmmm, these flowers look nice. I wonder if they smell! {Read More}

Runaway Inkpot

“Hey Kanani!” Sarah said, “I was thinking about swimming  this morning. Do you know the temperature?” Kanani shook her head and said, “Nice outfit. I like the penguin shirt.” Sarah smiled, “Thanks. I know it’s summer, but I still wanted to wear it.” Kaya looked it up on the dolls’ iPad. “It says the high is 75 degrees,” she reported. Sarah sighed, “Aw man. Now what can I do? Today will be boring!” “You can take Inkpot on a walk!” {Read More}

Jamie’s Chocolate

Jamie yawned. It was morning, but she was still tired. She went to the kitchen for a snack before going back to bed. “Oooo!” Jamie thought, “Sarah made chocolates last night.” Sarah was still in the kitchen, and Jamie devised a plan to sneak a piece of chocolate. Just as she was about to grab one….. “Jamie!” Jamie jumped. “Aw, Sarah, I just wanted one!” she begged. Sarah shook her head, “No, I worked hard on those! I’m saving them {Read More}

How to Care for a Curly-Haired Doll

As you all know, I have Jamie, a curly-haired doll. Some of you may be wondering how I care for her hair, so I have decided to show how I do it. Maybe this will help you if you have a doll with curly hair! Jamie is very happy to have a post all about her! First, you will need a spray bottle and a wire brush. Other brushes will eventually ruin the dolls’ hair. The bottle is an old hairspray {Read More}

Olive Comes for a Visit!

All the dolls were at home, doing — well, they weren’t really doing anything. Until the doorbell rang. Kanani hopped up and ran to see who it was. The other dolls heard some talking and couldn’t tell what was going, until Kanani came back with a girl they had never seen before. “Hey everyone!” Kanani yelled for everyone to hear, “This is Olive. Mom said she’s come to stay with us for a week!” “Thank you for letting me stay with you,” {Read More}