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Kanani’s Photoshoot

Bye for now! –American Girl Doll Artist 🙂

Jessica goes to the Mall

“Hey, everyone, I going to the mall. Does anyone want to come with me?” Jessica asked, one morning. “Oh, I do! Pink is out. I NEED some blue clothes, pronto!” Bethany said. “Uh, yeah, right. Ok, anyone else?” Jessica asked, looking at Josefina. “Don’t look at me, my clothes look just fine, right Praline?” “Meow!” Praline agreed. Bethany looked at Spring, who was playing with her toy animals. ” Spring, do you want to come to the mall with us?” she {Read More}

AG Catalog Photos

Okay, here are the pictures. I hope you enjoy them! I’ve always loved looking at the magazine, just because of the way they set up the scenes! 🙂       This is a bag that I found in the magazine. It fits 2 pets and 1 doll. It’s really cute. Oh yeah, the Isabelle movie is going to be on the Disney channel on August 9th, 6:00 P.M. central. I probably won’t be watching it though. I haven’t watched {Read More}

American Girl Catalog

My AG catalog came in the mail today. All the pictures look so neat. The way they set up the scenes is amazing. In one picture, two dolls are looking into the window of a pet store. It looks like American Girl has set up a whole town for the dolls! Anyway, I flipping through it and I saw something on the bitty baby page: Sale on Bitty Babies! Now $60 for a limited time only. Enter code “BITTYSALE” at {Read More}

Getting Ready for School Pictures – a photostory

Kaya and Kanani  were sitting on the Daybed. “Why is your hair like that?” Kaya asked. “I’m curling it for school pictures. I have a fishtail braid in the back,” Kanani explained. “Mommy already did my hair!” Kaya said, turning her head. She had a long French braid running down the side of her head. “That’s nice.” said Kanani, “It’s very pretty.” “What’s pretty?” asked Sarah. Kaya showed her hairstyle to Sarah. “Cool!” Sarah said. “I have a fishtail braid.” {Read More}


Today (Saturday) I just realized that I didn’t post anything for Funny Friday! Today I’ll be doing a photo story, so stay tuned!

Make a Doll Locker

Yesterday I made a locker for Isabelle when she starts school next week at Anna Hart. This is not like the one I made for Jamie. It’s starting to fall apart now, so I hope this version will last longer. The box shape is well, a box. You can use any size you like. The metal look it has is from silver, shiny duct tape ( it has many uses ) . I got this idea from AG doll play {Read More}

Blog Update

I will be posting during the week sometimes in the school year. My mom worked it out so blogging will be part of my school! Fun! My sister just entered the Fetch a Friend Sweepstakes! I know we probably won’t win, but it’s so hard trying not to daydream about it! What are your favorite pets?

Make a Dance Case / Lunchbox

Here is another school craft! Today I will show you the dance case/lunchbox I made. For the circle shape, I used an applesauce cup. To cover the cup, I used 2 different types of duct tape: pink and zig zag. The lid is a piece of cardboard with tape around it. If it looks like it’s peeling, it’s just the tape that I use to make it stay.  I got the inspiration for this from Isabelle’s Dance Case. It’s not {Read More}

Make Doll School Supplies!

It is almost the end of summer! And that means that the school year is almost here. American girl came out with the new school supplies, but I made my own! To make school books, cut out a piece of cardboard and put a paper cover on it. You can use glue or tape. It doesn’t matter.   To make pencils, cut a wooden rod and make a piece about 2 inches long. With scissors, point the end (like carving). {Read More}