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Thank you to everyone who reads my blog. I am always excited when I break my record of daily blog views (Which is currently 86 views with 19 visitors!). Today I discovered I have 21 followers. I hope you enjoy my blog and will enjoy even more in the months to come! Bye for now! 🙂 – American Girl Doll Artist

Isabelle in the Garden

Hello readers! It’s me, Isabelle. I finally get to write on here again. I went to my great grandmother’s house. She has a beautiful garden, and Mom took tons of selfies. Tons? Okay, well, maybe not tons. But, there is a lot. Enjoy my amazing photos that my mom took!             The last one is my favorite. Adios amigos! – Isabelle ♥

Jamie at School

Here are pictures of Jamie at Innerstar U. She had a lot of fun on her first day.   Jamie picked out her outfit the night before. Her pink meet outfit is her favorite. She is also wearing her favorite earrings.   “I wonder who has the locker next to mine?” Jamie asked.   Jamie’s first class? Science! Jessica, (Jamie’s friend) goes to Jamie’s school, but she’s not in the same classes, so I didn’t get any pictures of her. 😉 {Read More}

Isabelle and Tutu Photoshoot

Since I got my Doll Photoshoot book, I have been reading it a lot! The pictures are amazing, and it has lots of good ideas for projects. It gave me some tips on good lighting. You should have 3 lights. A main light, a fill light and a backlight. The main light can be from a window, shining on your doll’s face. The backlight can be behind or above your doll. The fill light is to make sure the main {Read More}

Funny Friday

“Come on, let’s go check out the American Girl sale items.” Kanani beckoned to Jamie. “Ooo, good idea. Maybe there’s a new dress.” Jamie hurried after Kanani “There’s a laptop up on that table!” Jamie pointed. “Help me get up there.” “Okay, okay.” Kanani said. She helped Jamie climb onto a chair. After a few minutes (which seemed like 3 hours) they finally reached the top. “Now what?” Jamie asked. “Now I will put in the web address.” Kanani said. She started to {Read More}

AG Sale: Prices Reduced

American girl has reduced the price further on selected items!  The snow-much-fun set (the one with the snowman) is $18. The winter chalet is $60! Go to to see all the sale items. P.S. Hazel, the cello set is sold out. 🙁 – American girl doll Artist P.S. More posts coming soon. I just got back from a trip and am busy with school. 😉

Book Review: Doll Photoshoot

Today I went to Barnes and Noble. I looked everywhere for mini dolls or pets. I looked at the activity books from American girl and didn’t find any books that I loved. Then I looked at the activity books from other brands. I saw Pretty in Paper and Doll Photoshoot. They were separate from all the other AG books. I had completely forgot about it. I picked it up right away. Since I’m trying to learn photoshop, I thought it would {Read More}

Mini Isabelle Goes to a Wedding

Mini Isabelle wants to write on my blog. Everything I wrote is in bold. Now Mini Isabelle will take over. Hello to all you mini dolls in the world who are reading this. Some mini dolls complain that they aren’t tall or big like the “18 dolls. Well, let me tell you, that it’s great being small. You get to go places unnoticed, that the other dolls don’t get to go. For example, yesterday I went to a wedding. I can’t tell {Read More}

Isabelle’s New Room

I just rearranged my doll house yesterday and Isabelle has her own room with a sewing machine (I’ll tell you more about it later). She loves her new room! 🙂 Okay, Isabelle will start writing now. Hello everyone! I’ll give you a tour of my new (awesome) room! It’s the best one ever! ♥ Don’t I look fabulous in this outfit? Just like my friend Jessica said, blue is in, pink is out. For now, that is.     I {Read More}

Isabelle’s Evening Photoshoot

      This is my cat (one of 3) named Drex. He likes to eat a lot when he’s nervous. He gets nervous when we’re about to leave the house or go somewhere. -American Girl Doll Artist