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The Mysterious Illness Part 4

And now, for the long-awaited Mysterious Illness Part 4. Thanks for being patient. 😉 Madison tested negative for Celiac Disease. But her mom read online and in books, that people can be sensitive to gluten, but not have Celiac Disease. Madison’s mom eliminated gluten from Madison’s diet to see if Madison would get any better. Madison couldn’t eat cinnamon rolls, donuts, and other items containing gluten. Most of all, she missed her daily PB & J sandwiches, but her mother found yummy {Read More}

A Doll Playdate

Recently, Catlover02 and I played with our dolls with 2 of our American Girl loving friends. One of them was the girl who received the new Marie Grace. We had just given her the doll that day. She was so excited. 🙂 I took some pictures of the dolls having fun. There was Isabelle, Spring, Lilac (wearing the school dress), Leeli Wingfeather’s Marie (wearing the soccer outfit) and the new Marie Grace (wearing her meet outfit). Oh yes, and Mini Cecile and Mini Marie {Read More}

A New Doll in the Family?

Boy, oh boy, it’s Isabelle here with some BIG news! You will never guess what happened to me a few days ago. I was exploring the house, when all of a sudden… … I saw a huge American Girl box on the bed! I was so excited, I fell over in shock. It was a new doll! After a few minutes, I was able to stand up and open the lid. I wanted to see who it was! Maybe I should {Read More}

Funny Friday: Mini Kaya’s Party

Mini Isabelle and Mini Kaya are here to post the Funny Friday weekly story. Mini Isabelle is blue, and Mini Kaya is green. Hello, Mini Isabelle here.  With Mini Kaya too.  Yes, we are both here. Anyway, we are here to tell you about my birthday party.  But, it wasn’t your birthday. So? On with the story. Mini Isabelle made a huge cake for me! But then she took it away for some reason. But she was nice enough to {Read More}

Mini Kaya’s Tuesday Travels

Welcome one and all. I am currently recovering from dizziness. My Mommy made a swing just like Mini Isabelle’s and well, I kind of got sick. I was swinging for hours before I found a way to escape. No more swinging for me! Last week, I decided to follow that huge orange creature, remember? Well, I followed him around and around. He just wouldn’t stop! Out of breath and tired, I sat down to rest on a rock. Only then {Read More}

Hairstyle: Isabelle’s bangs

American girl has invented some pretty hairstyles for Isabelle. One the them in a high piggy tail with bangs. I have found to create the bangs! This hairstyle will work with other dolls too. Isabelle will be the model, of course! For the first time since I bought her, I took out her pink highlights. That made a huge difference will her hairstyles. I can now make good-looking braids and piggy tails. Buns are still hard though. First, pull your dolls hair back {Read More}

Bethany’s New Camera

Hey guys! Bethany here, again. A few days ago, I bought a camera online and today, it came! My hands were trembling was I pulled it out of the box, if doll hands can tremble. I was so excited I took pictures of everything in sight. Spring didn’t really want to be photographed, she was in her PJs. See! She ruined the picture when she waved her arms around! I would love to be photographed in MY pajamas! If fact, I’d {Read More}

Craft: Make Doll Cotton Candy

Many of you who read Funny Friday a couple of weeks ago remembered the cotton candy in the fridge. Well, today I’m going to show you how to make it. First, you gather the materials. You will need 4 to 5 cotton balls, glue, blue and pink markers and the pointy part cut off the top of a fruit kabob. (This should be about three inches long.) Next, you stick one of the cotton balls on the point of the stick, like {Read More}

Funny Friday

Hello fans! Mini Isabelle here. Mommy made me a mini swing out of an applesauce cup! It was so fun and I spun around and around and around. I never get dizzy. It’s really fun. It took Mommy a long time to make the swing. My big head has a lot of hair on it, so I kept tipping backwards. Then, I kept tipping forwards, for some reason. But Mommy got it just right. I love my shoes! Ha! Isn’t {Read More}

Kanani’s Makeover Results

Kanani is back to her old, old self! The curls look gorgeous and they make me love her even more than I did before. I don’t know how long the curls will last, but I hope at least a week! I am not going to brush them, just spray water on them and twist them up. I said to my mom yesterday, “What if someone kept buying Kanani dolls and then fixing their hair, and selling them again at a {Read More}