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Kanani’s Makeover

Hi friends! It’s me, Kanani. I am getting a makeover, thanks to American Girl Doll Artist. She has curled up my hair and so tomorrow it will be curly. She said that it might not last even a few days, but hey, at least she’s planning to take me on a photoshoot! I have been brave (maybe I complained once or twice) through it. My hair resembles a bird nest. Good thing no birds live in our house! Crazy, isn’t {Read More}

My American Girl Coloring Pages

Yesterday, I drew some American Girl doll coloring pages. One of them I drew free hand and the other I traced part of it. The dolls look plumper when I trace them. Which style do you like better? Click on them to view them up close and print them out! The second picture is the one I traced. Here are the pictures after I colored them: Hint: I used colored pencils. They are great for shading. Some common places to {Read More}

Mini Kaya’s Tuesday Travels

Hello, and welcome back to Mini Kaya’s Tuesday Travels, where I, Mini Kaya, explore the wonders of the world. Or maybe just the backyard, but it seems like the whole world from my point of view. The horse and teepee I found last week were so amazing, I couldn’t stop hanging around them, and I spent almost the whole last week riding my horse and living in my teepee. Ah… Life is wonderful in the outdoors! Today was one of the {Read More}

Bethany’s Rainy Day Photoshoot

Hi, everyone, this is Bethany. I am excited to show the awesome pictures from a photo-shoot I went on today. I also got to wear my new jacket and boots. Who doesn’t like wearing new clothes? The boots and jacket fit me perfectly, of course. (That’s because I just bought them the day before, and they were the, One Size fits All, type of clothes. You know how it is with American Girl dolls. All outfits fit me! That’s one on the advantages of being {Read More}

American Girl Free Shipping

Free shipping at American Girl on orders over $50 in honor of Beforever! The offer ends September 22nd. With all the new Beforever items and their huge sale, they are really tempting customers to buy more items! I don’t think I’ll buy anything. I just got the Coconut Fun outfit at the Zulily sale for $23 ($5 off). Did you get anything? All the of Bitty Babies were sold out in a little over 10 minutes! Crazy, right? Bye for {Read More}

The Mysterious Illness Part 3

Madison’s mother decided that it would be best if Madison had her blood drawn at the hospital. She wanted to see if Madison tested positive to Celiac Disease. At the hospital, Ms. Katie drew Madison’s blood. Ms. Katie was annoyed with Madison’s mother. Why did she go ahead and make Madison have a blood test after I already told her that Madison doesn’t have Celiac Disease? she thought. It’s ridiculous!  But she didn’t say anything out loud. She wanted to remain on good terms {Read More}

Funny Friday

Jessica and Bethany were waiting for their friends to come over. “I’m so excited for our sleepover. Living only a few feet away really has its advantages.” Bethany said, “Sarah even let me borrow her hair highlight! And it only took her like 30 seconds to walk over here!” Jessica nodded, “And when Mom builds us a mall, it’s like I’m living at it. I’m in paradise right at home!” Bethany laughed. All Jessica seemed to talk about was clothes. {Read More}

American Girl on Zulily

American Girl is going to have a sale on Zulily tomorrow! How exciting! There is going to be up to 40% off, on Bitty Baby dolls and more. I can’t wait to see what other things are for sale too! I don’t know if I’ll be buying anything. I’ll just have to wait and see! I hope they have the old Historical Characters’ outfits on sale, and maybe even the older dolls for like $75! I know, I’m getting carried away, {Read More}

Meet Crystal

Who wouldn’t want to meet an adorable kitten? Crystal is the new kitty in the house, and you can read about her homecoming here. Crystal is the new pet cat American Girl came out with this summer, and I finally got around to doing a photo-shoot with her this morning. Crystal loved to frolic around in the dew, especially after I took her collar off.Crystal has been pretty happy in her new home. She likes to snuggle at bedtime and sniff the flowers {Read More}

Clothing Review: Petals & Plaid PJ’s

Recently, I went to the American Girl store and bought the new Petals and Plaid PJ’s. Here is the review! Sarah is excited to be in this post, and wear the new pajamas for the first time. First up, we have the shirt! The shirt is so cool. The flower pattern is really pretty. I love the color of the shirt because it’s so bright and cheery. There is nothing bad about this top. It’s probably my favorite part of the {Read More}