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The Mysterious Illness Part 5

Madison’s mother decided to read more on food sensitivities. She took Madison to Coconut Clinic, where holistic doctors worked. Holistic doctors help you heal your body inside out, and Madison was hoping that the doctors would help her. Her mother checked in at the front desk. Madison’s stomach was starting to feel funny. She was excited, but nervous at the same time. Madison followed her mother down the hall to a different room. Madison sat down on a large, but strangely {Read More}

More Coloring Pages

Here is one requested coloring page, and one random one. I hope you have fun coloring them! – American Girl Doll Artist 🙂 P.S. Don’t forget to sign up for the Pet sweepstakes! It ends on November 1st.

Hide and Seek with Mini Isabelle

Hello everyone! Mini Isabelle here. Today, we’re going to play Hide and Seek. The object of the game is find me in every photo. If you can’t find me, ask my mommy for help! Have fun! Wasn’t that fun? Did you find me in every picture? – Mini Isabelle and American Girl Doll Artist

American Girl News

Today, the items on the sale page now have a sale price you can buy them! They are some really neat items, but I won’t buy anything. I’m saving up for Isabelle items before they are out of stock. And another cool thing is, that American Girl is having another contest. Yep, you heard (read) right. If you write a review on their website, you get a chance to receive a $100 gift card for American Girl! I might enter. {Read More}

New American Girl Sale Items?

My friend just told me that there are new sale items, but for the same price as before! I checked, and there are some cool items, like the storage tower and lounge chair. Too bad that they’re the same price as before. Maybe it’s just a glitch and they aren’t supposed to be there, but they could be on sale in the future. We’ll just have to wait and see! – American Girl Doll Artist

Funny Friday: Kaya’s Fall Adventure Part 2

Hello, it’s me, Kaya and I’m here to tell the rest of my adventure. If you missed the first part, read it here. So, picking up from where we left off. Well, I was so shocked about Pepper’s disappearance, that I ran back to the place where he was standing. Suddenly, I tripped and landed face-first into the grass. Then I heard some muffled yelps and barking. I had almost fell into a hole, and Pepper was stuck in it! I {Read More}

Kanani and Leaves: A Photoshoot

Kanani is one of my favorite dolls, that’s why I own her. 😉  I like her so much because of her long hair and beautiful green eyes. They look like jewels. None of these pictures show how pretty she actually is; she is a lot prettier is person. Actually, I think all of the dolls are. Enjoy the pictures. 🙂   That’s all the pictures! Thanks for reading! – American Girl Doll Artist P.S. I might do part 5 of the {Read More}

American Girl Coloring Pages: Beforever

I have a few Beforever coloring pages! Enjoy! Please tell me in the comments if they are too big or too small. – American Girl Doll Artist

Tutu the Explorer

Tutu has been being very naughty and been running off to explore the house. Isn’t that right, Tutu. Tutu? Hmm… She seems to have run off again. Oh, well. Nighttime is when Tutu really gets into trouble, which is just what she did tonight. She was exploring the kitchen. First, she discovered the pots and pans. (We’ll have to wash them again.) She went into every single pot, even the ones in the sink. The pans were her favorite, because {Read More}

What I know about the GOTY 2015

Guess what? I know some things about the GOTY 2015! No, I don’t have any pictures. 🙁 I do know the basic story line of her first book! She will have 3. I don’t know the girl’s name or what she looks like. Catlover02 is hoping she will have dark skin, since she only has one dark-skinned doll (Jessica). Book 1: GOTY 2015 is going to Paris with her mom! But she can’t get along with her  cousin there, and {Read More}