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Funny Friday: The Missing Shoes

Hello, Jamie here. Earlier this morning, I had just put on the most fabulous outfit. It had lots of pink in it. Now all I needed was the golden sparkle shoes. I couldn’t find them in my bedroom, where I left them last night. So I went upstairs to ask my sisters. None of them had seen them, so we started looking all around the house for the precious shoes! I looked under the bed…… Kaya looked in the accessories {Read More}

Isabelle in the Rain: A Photoshoot

It’s me, Isabelle. It’s been super cloudy and rainy all week. I went outside for a little bit, but it was cold and wet, so I went back inside. Mommy took some pictures of me while I was outside.     It took Mom a while to get this picture right. My eyes kept getting blurry and the camera kept focusing on my hat. Yes, my hat is cool, but, my eyes are prettier, ha ha. – Isabelle Note from {Read More}

Funny Friday: Kaya’s Fall Adventure Part 1

Hello friends and follows! It’s Kaya here, with Pepper. We sure had an exciting day today! Today, Pepper and I went out for a walk. We were walking along when Pepper started barking like crazy. He ran off, and left me a mile behind. I started running after him. Then I saw what made him so excited! He saw pumpkins! As you probably know, everyone loves pumpkins. So does Pepper. I rolled one onto its side and sat down for {Read More}

American Girl Winter Collection

Yippee! The new winter collection is finally here! They have tons of cute outfits, and new accessories, that unfortunately come with a big price tag too. But like I said, there are lots of cute items! Let’s get started! This is an adorable dress! I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. It took me a minute to wonder why I loved it so much. It was because my doll, Sarah was wearing it (of course) and it {Read More}

My Updated Doll House Tour

I love changing my dolls’ house around. Since I share a room with all of my sisters, we have lots of doll stuff in our room. Catlover02 has her own doll house, and I have mine. Since my last doll house tour, my room has been rearranged a lot, and my dolls have moved around the room several times. I have seen a huge doll house on AG Doll Play (they have great crafts) and I wanted to make my {Read More}

More American Girl Coloring Pages

Here are some more coloring pages for all of you who like to color! This is Kanani, Jamie and Kaya on a hiking trip. As you can see, Jamie isn’t really loving the trip. Kaya is happy to be close to nature, like Kanani. This is Kanani, of course, with her accessories. This is for Hannah E. She owns Isabelle and Caroline. I added Inkpot and Tutu just for fun. I hope you enjoy your picture! Have fun coloring the {Read More}

How to Make Doll Gingerbread Cookies

Hello, Kanani here. Kaya is off on a camping trip, and I am the only baker left in the house. Sarah likes to read books, Isabelle likes ballet, and Jamie likes fashion. Aprons aren’t really Jamie’s idea of fashion. But, you won’t need aprons, because these are mess free cookies. At least, for us dolls. Your mom will probably make a mess, making these cookies for you! Aren’t they cute cookies? You only need a few ingredients, I mean supplies. – {Read More}