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The Mysterious Illness: Part 6 (The finale)

Madison was started to feel tons better. She was glad she was able to go Coconut Clinic. Thanksgiving was coming up quickly. Madison wondered if Thanksgiving would be different this year, with her food changes and all. On Thanksgiving day, Madison’s home was filled with many wonderful smells. “Pumpkin pie, and turkey!” Madison thought, her mouth watering. Then, there was a knock at the door, right as the oven timer went off. “Honey, can you get that?” Madison’s mother called {Read More}

Fringe and Beads: A Photoshoot

Enjoy these colorful pictures of Kaya! I love this picture. She just looks so calm and peaceful. Moccasins!   When I first got Kaya, I was worried that her beads would fall out, since they are not secured. I have had no problem with them; they have always stayed in! Thanks for reading! I always love seeing how the pictures turn out! – American Girl Doll Artist 🙂

American Girl’s Five Days of Festive Offers

Start of the holiday shopping season with some great deals from American Girl! Today only (I think) Isabelle’s Performance Set is $30, and it comes with free shipping! Also, all of the American Girl movies are $5 and have free shipping too! If you don’t like these items, you can just wait until tomorrow, where new offers will appear. And don’t forget about Cyber Monday! For Black Friday, items with be on sale for half off at the American girl store. AG {Read More}

American Girl Coloring Pages: Activities

Here are even more coloring pages. If you any sport or activity coloring pages you would like, just ask in the comments! Thanks for reading (or printing these out and coloring them!). – American Girl Doll Artist 🙂  

My Frozen Artwork

Frozen doesn’t have anything to do with dolls, but these are some of my drawings. I am American Girl Doll Artist, after all. 😉 Elsa is my favorite character in Frozen. I love this pose. Elsa looks so confident. I just made this drawing yesterday. I have a huge colored pencil collection. When I need a certain color, I probably have it, or can make it by blending colors. This picture is from the part where she starts to sing {Read More}

GOTY Coloring Pages: Saige, Mckenna and Isabelle

Here are the coloring pages Josie requested! And even though she didn’t request this one, I will still add it. 🙂 Have fun! – American Girl Doll Artist

Buy a Doll, Donate a Doll

American Girl is donating one doll to charity for every one doll that’s sold! I think that is super nice. Think of all the girls who will get their first American Girl doll for Christmas! How exciting! This ends December 18th. This is almost like you’re buying 2 dolls for the price of one! Also, spend $100 on and you are eligible for free shipping! The code is DELIGHT. If you buy the Happy Holiday Dress with the Holiday Accessories, you save {Read More}

Isabelle’s Metallic Dress Review

Hello friends and followers! It’s Isabelle here, and I am going to review my metallic dress from my collection. This set comes with one dress, one belt, one pair of tights, and a pair of shoes. It sells for $34. The dress is soft and pretty. There is a layer of tulle over the dress. The belt looks realistic. Mommy said she had a hard time putting it on at first, but it got easier over time. It gathers up {Read More}

New American Girl Holiday Dress

There is a new holiday dress called the Ruby Ball Gown. I don’t know what it fully looks like, but I think it has gold and red on the dress and comes with a fancy white coat. It also comes with a hair accessory. The Ruby Ball Gown set is only available in stores. Sorry for the small picture. American Girl only had that one. I am hoping that American Girl will have Cyber Monday sales or Black Friday sales. {Read More}

Kaya Goes Exploring

Hello! It’s me, Kaya. I am going exploring! Do you want to come along too? Great! First, I walked out of my bedroom. Well, it was more like Mom’s bedroom. I ran into a giant bean bag. It was kind of squishy. Then Mom said, you were supposed to sit in it. It was really comfy. Then I found this weird animal on the ground. And it was crying. I picked up the animal. He told me that he was {Read More}