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Funny Friday: Kanani’s Shopping Trip

“I am going shopping!” Kanani called out one day, “Does anyone else want to come?”   Only Kaya was around, but she didn’t want to go. She just said, “Oh well, have a fun time!”   “Bye!” Kanani said, grabbing her purse and heading out the door. As soon as she stepping in the clothing store, she saw a poster advertising new holiday dresses. Kanani instantly fell in love with the navy one. “I must have it!” Kanani though to {Read More}

Make a Doll Backpack

Do you want to make this backpack for your dolls? Keep reading to find out how! This is a cute backpack using a bag, duct tape and felt. It’s super easy.   Tiny doll books can even fit inside! The straps are made of felt too. I actually didn’t come up with this idea. Another doll blog called Doll Diaries has a post showing how to do it in detail. Click THIS to make the backpack. Have fun! – American {Read More}

Review of the Happy Holiday Dress

Hi! It’s me, Kanani, and I’m here to help Mom write a review of the Happy Holiday Dress! The top of the dress has very wide sleeves, which is modest. Modestly is still important even for usĀ dolls. šŸ˜‰ I love the Holiday Dress. I think it’s super fancy and will look pretty on any doll. The bow with the big jewel adds a nice touch. The sequins are sewn on the dress in a wavy pattern, but don’t worry. You {Read More}

Review of Isabelle’s Makeup Set

I have liked Isabelle’s Makeup Set ever since they released it. I finally saved up enough money to buy the set, the navy holiday dress and Isabelle’s accessories. I will do reviews on those later.   The design on the outside of the box is super pretty. The swirls make it look so fancy. Isabelle’s name on the box isn’t a sticker, it’s in the box, so it won’t come off. Looking at the magazine, I thought the “Isabelle” design {Read More}

American Girl Pre-Season Sale!

Just as American Girl took away free shipping, they gave out new sales! Sometimes American Girl makes me mad! See, I just ordered some items yesterday: Isabelle’s Makeup Set, Isabelle’s Accessories and the Navy Holiday Dress. Good thing none of those items are on sale. Tons of earringsĀ are on sale, along with the new ring set. Kit’s bed is $66 (what a deal!) and there are many Bitty Baby items. The striped school dress and cheerleading outfits are both on {Read More}

Doll Photo Project

I have loved the Doll Photography book that I purchased earlier this year. One of the projects in the book is take a picture of the silhouette of your doll in the setting sun. I took a picture of Sarah, and it looks really cool. You can try this out on your dolls too! Make sure that the focus of the camera is on the sunset, and not on the doll. Otherwise, it will adjust the light so you can {Read More}

Bedtime Photoshoot

Here are some photos of Jamie and Mini Isabelle, and some other random things. šŸ™‚ ThisĀ dresser is made from a cardboard box. I painted it white. The drawer doesn’t open easily, so I just leave it closed. Thanks for reading! – American Girl Doll Artist

Jessica’s Hot Chocolate Stand

“Hot chocolate for sale! Hot chocolate for sale!” Jessica called. She was running a hot chocolate booth. So far,Ā no customers had come, and Jessica was getting bored. Suddenly, she saw Kaya coming towards her! “Maybe she wants hot chocolate!” Jessica thought. “Um, hi!” said Kaya. “What are you sellingĀ today, Jessica?” “Hot chocolate.” Jessica replied. “Do you have any water?” Kaya asked. “I don’t likeĀ hot chocolate.” “Sorry, I don’t.” Jessica said, “Don’t you want to try some hot chocolate?” “Um, I {Read More}