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Isabelle’s New Wardrobe

Does anyone know what this is, or what brand it is? I know, but I’m just quizzing you. 🙂 It’s the Wooden Wardrobe from Our Generation at Target. I received it from my parents for Christmas. It’s almost like Isabelle’s studio, but much cheaper. It was on sale at Target for like $60-$70. Isabelle’s studio is $275. It’s a way better deal, even though it doesn’t come with all of the accessories. Isabelle will give you a tour. First she {Read More}

Sneak Peek of Grace’s Collection!!

I have some pictures!! Grace has a super cute (and expensive) collection! I got these pictures from Lissie and Lily’s blog. It’s about American girl dolls too! These are not all of the pictures. Go to Lissie and Lily’s blog to see the rest! What do you think? I think she’s pretty unique! She comes with heart earrings and a charm bracelet. This is her fancy dress. The sandals are cute. Catlover02 has already called this. 😉 I love this! {Read More}

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Small Doll in a Big World crew! From: American Girl Doll Artist, Catlover02, Kanani, Isabelle, Kaya, Sarah, Jamie, Jessica, Bethany, Spring and Josefina (whew!). Remember: Christmas is not about gifts, but about Jesus, who came to earth to save us. 😉

Grace’s Travel Coat Set

Search Grace on the American girl shopping site. I did, and I found an item that is called Grace’s Travel Coat and Set for Dolls. Hmm….. Unfortunately, there’s no picture or price. I tried to click on it, but I got an error message. It’s probably for GOTY 2015, Grace. I haven’t found anything else, but I’ll post if I do. 10 more days until her debut! Isabelle is sad to move out of the spotlight, but she’s happy for {Read More}

3 New Outfits on Sale

Cool. I don’t mind that these are on sale. I got the pajamas earlier for full price, but they were worth it. They are best PJ’s! Oh, today my package came! Isabelle loves her new performance outfit! Kanani will enjoy her birthday gift, the dance case! Isabelle things are selling out fast! Her studio is already “sold out” but I’m positively sure that they save some for replacements and sales (Maybe). – American girl doll Artist 🙂

Kanani in the Rain

Today, it’s raining. Even though it’s December, it is. It’s actually beautiful outside. I took some pictures of Kanani and we even saw a rainbow!     Do you see the rainbow? My brother’s Christmas lights. 😉 Thank you for reading. Isn’t it strange how warm it is? – American girl Doll Artist    

My Dolls’ School Pictures

    Thank you for reading and looking! I hope you enjoyed these pictures. 🙂 – American Girl Doll Artist

Grace 18″ Doll Photo and Video

There is a video on Youtube of Grace. It’s the 18″ version. Grace (in my opinion) is gorgeous. She is very unique. I love her huge blue eyes and side bangs. Catlover02 already wants to buy her. I like her a lot, but I’m sure Catlover02 will get her before me. I wonder what the contest will be. Kanani had the E-card sweepstakes, and Saige had the hot air balloon art contest. What do you think of Grace? – American Girl Doll {Read More}


Yep, I’m still waiting. My Cyber Monday package still hasn’t come yet! I have been waiting a while for it to come, almost for 2 weeks. Usually packages from AG come in less than a week, so I was getting pretty impatient. On Wednesday, my mom got an email from American Girl, that said, “Your order has shipped,” but it wasn’t my order. It was my sister’s. She bought Kit’s bed when it was on sale after I bought my {Read More}

Isabelle’s Mix and Match Pieces Part 2

Hello, I’m back, and today I will review some of my mix and match pieces. This time, I’ll do my cream leotard and coral sweater. First, let’s start with the coral sweater. The sweater is very broad at the top. The sleeves are sewn on. The seam of the sweater is at an angle. I love this piece, it’s one of my favorites. I don’t know why they decided to make that Isabelle tag on it, maybe because if someone {Read More}