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Save Big on Dolls Beds

The Dreamy Daybed and the Bouquet Bed are on sale! Boy, they are having such good sales this year, I think if I want to buy anything big, I’ll wait until the end of the year. – American Girl Doll Artist

Huge GOTY Sale

American Girl has put the Isabelle DOLLS on sale! Who would have guessed that? Isabelle doesn’t seem to be that popular this year. Maybe they are trying to get rid of all of the extra dolls. They sure don’t have lots extras of her clothes! Some of her outfits are backordered until December 30th. Isabelle’s Dance Case and Dance Barre are also on sale. Phooey, I just got the Dance Case, and this time there’s a better price. Oh well, {Read More}

GOTY 2015 Grace Mini Doll

A picture of Mini doll Grace has been found! American Girl has asked Doll Diaries to remove the picture, so I will too. Sorry. 🙁 I am a little disappointed with the quality of the mini doll. She looks cheap. I hope the 18 inch doll is a lot better. I liked the old mini dolls a lot better. Her pet will be a bulldog, and she will have accessories relating to traveling and baking. I think they are changing {Read More}

Kanani’s Photoshoot

Hello, it’s me Kanani, Island Queen! Just joking, but that would be fun. 🙂 Mommy gave me a hairstyle that looks a little like Elsa’s. I told her I needed my braid in the front, to look like a queen. That is the latest queen-style. 😉 My hairstyle is a French braid that wraps around my head. I have lots of stray hairs. It’s me resting. 🙂 I hope you liked the photos! Love, Kanani (Island Queen) P.S. My birthday {Read More}

My Anna Drawing

I have finish an Anna drawing. What do you think? I also have another Elsa drawing. – American Girl Doll Artist

Beforever Doll Beds on Sale!

Most of the Beforever dolls have their beds on sale! All of them are half off. That’s a great buy! Also, the doll’s pajamas are also on sale. Maybe AG is planning to make new beds to match the dolls’ color schemes so they are trying to sell out the old ones. I would like to get Julie’s bed, but I have no room for it, and I have no money, because of the Cyber Monday sale on Isabelle items. {Read More}

AG Holiday Catalog Pictures

  Which pictures are your favorites? I really like the one of all the Just like Me dolls. They made it look like a choir! The pets at the bottom are pretty cute too. The ice skating one is also really gorgeous. They did a great job making it look real. – American Girl Doll Artist 🙂

Isabelle’s Mix and Match Pieces Review

Hello everyone! It’s Isabelle here. I seem to be in the most posts right now. Maybe because I’m about to retire soon? I wish I wasn’t, but another girl will have the honor of being a GOTY. Anyway, today I will be reviewing some of my mix and match pieces, mostly the purple items: my purple leotard, my purple wrap sweater, my dance skirt, and my tights and leg warmers set. I will first review the purple leotard. This leotard {Read More}

Saving up for American Girl Items

American girl has so many cute things. On Cyber Monday, I had a hard time deciding what to buy. I ordered at about 11:30 A.M. I had hoping on buying Kaya’s Doll and Cradleboard, The Dreamy Nightstand, the Weekend Fun outfit, and a few other things. But they were all sold out. So I ended up purchasing Isabelle’s Performance Set, and her Dance Case. They were both on sale, and free shipping came with them! Score! 🙂 Though American Girl has {Read More}

American Girl Cyber Monday Sale!!

American Girl Cyber Monday Sale: The best sale of the year with American Girl items, with most items 60% off. I am so excited! There are so many amazing deals! Most of the items are in the 1-24 dollar range. Almost all of the  outfits are $10-$20!! Kaya’s cradle board and doll are on sale too. Hmmm….. 😉 There are also tons of books too. And if you have been wanting a set with a table and chairs for a while, {Read More}