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New Mini House

A little while ago, I made a house for Mini Kaya and Mini Cecile, which they love. The house is made out of an American Girl Doll box. The bed inside is also from a doll clothing box with felt taped to it. The kitchen is 2 wooden blocks with food from other mini play sets. Here a little mini story to go with it. Cecile Mini was sitting on her bed, drinking water and waiting for dinner. “Kaya, I’m starving! {Read More}

It was a Cold and Muddy Day… Part 1

All of my dolls were sitting on the bed, cuddling with their furry friends. Except Bethany. She’d left for a soccer game an hour before. Spring tried to tell it wasn’t really ‘shorts’ weather, but she went anyway. Tutu was nice and warm snuggling up against Jessica. Inkpot liked staring deep into Josefina’s eyes. Coconut was busy leaning against Spring trying to sleep. Tutu started purring and then the door opened and slammed. Somebody muddy and wet entered. “Hi guys!” Bethany said, {Read More}

Queen Elsa’s Photoshoot

For Christmas, I received a Disney store Elsa doll. She looks almost exactly like Elsa in the movie. I like her long hair. I also like her joints. That way I can pose her in many different positions. Since she is a “small doll,” I guess she can be on this blog too! 🙂 Elsa’s shoes are not like the ones in the movie, but they stay on nicely. I guess they wanted simpler shoes because Elsa’s ice ones probably would be thin and breakable. {Read More}

Hide and Seek

Tutu was on a very important mission. She was supposed to be finding a hiding spot, because she was playing Hide and Seek with her friends, Inkpot and Pepper. “Woof, woof, woof…” Pepper barked. He was almost done counting. Tutu thought fast. She always hid in a good hiding spot. Maybe this time she could hide somewhere easy, a place where her friends would never guess. She slid under the daybed. Pepper was done counting and scurried around looking for {Read More}

Another Huge AG Sale!

American Girl has another huge sale! With 16 pages of items, almost all of Isabelle’s collection is on sale. Even her studio was on sale, but it’s sold out now. Tutu’s on sale, and Isabelle’s dance barre, that was “sold out” earlier last year. Her mix and match collection are there too! Click here to see all of the items! – American Girl Doll Artist 🙂

Photo Tips: Backdrops

Do you take your dolls pictures up against a neutral colored wall? Here are some ways to change up your background! If you want some excitement in your background, you can use a roll of wrapping paper to make a background. You can tape the ends on something high, like a table, and let the tube roll to the ground. This is what I used on these pictures: I used a more neutral kind on this picture. I used a {Read More}

Isabelle’s Performance Photoshoot

Just because Isabelle is retired doesn’t mean she isn’t special anymore. She is very special to me. I love the sequins on her bracelet. So pretty! I love Isabelle. I love her smooth hair, her green eyes, and the way she looks in her ballet clothes. I am so thankful she is in my doll family. 🙂 – American Girl Doll Artist

Kanani meets Grace

Grace Thomas was finally home! Well, almost. She was staying at a hotel for a few days, and then she would meet her siblings. She laid her new pajamas on her bed. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was going to change her earrings, but there was a loud knock at the door. It was Kanani, but Grace had never seen her before, so she didn’t know who it was. “Uh, hello?” Grace asked. Kanani grinned, “I’m Kanani. {Read More}

American Girl Grace coloring pages

You probably have noticed that I haven’t posted coloring pages for a while, but here are a few I’ve been working on! Thanks for reading/coloring! – American Girl Doll Artist

Soft as Snow: Jamie’s Snowy Photoshoot

Hello! It’s Jamie here. I hope you enjoy the fabulous photos of me, in my very fashionable outfit! I am a fashionista, you know. Aren’t my curls beautiful?? Thank you for reading! – Jamie 🙂 🙂