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Girl of the Year Grace Activities

Here are some Grace-themed activities! Grace Girl of the Year Printable Activities Have fun! – American Girl Doll Artist

Craft: Make Caramel Delight Cookies

The clay Girl Scout cookie is a very easy item to make and does not need very many tools to create. This step-by-step will be easy to follow, I hope. The colors you need are light brown and a brownish-black color. Roll them into small balls. Next, roll the light brown circle into a flat pancake. If it isn’t an exact circle, that’s still okay. I used a small circle cutter to make the inside circle, but if this isn’t available, {Read More}

Grace Thomas’s First Photoshoot!

Please welcome…… (drumroll please) GRACE THOMAS! She arrived this morning. Grace is a very cute doll; really cute. 😉 Grace has beautiful blue eyes. They are just blue, no different colors in them. Her freckles are light, but her lips are darker than most dolls. Catlover02 said that her eyebrows were also bushier than her other dolls. Her shirt says, “Paris Je T’aime,” which means, “Paris, I love you.” I think that is strange saying, but the shirt is cute. {Read More}

La Patisserie: Making Grace’s Bakery

  Welcome to La Patisserie! Well? What do you think? It’s time for a tour! Here is the sign. Sorry, it’s a little blurry. Anyway, I made this on Microsoft Publisher. This is a little chalkboard from Hobby Lobby. I used a washable chalk marker to write on it. Catlover02 and I worked very hard on these square. They may look easy, but we had to use a ruler for every line, and had to make sure it was in {Read More}

Girls of the Year Quiz

How well do you know the Girls of the Year? Take this quiz to find out! What was your score? Tell us in the comments! – American girl Doll Artist

DIY version of Grace’s Bakery

This bakery is super cute! American girl doll play has their own version. It looks almost exactly like the original! Catlover02 and I are going to try and make it. Click this to see the DIY version of Grace’s Bakery at American Girl Doll Play. They have lots of great craft ideas! – American Girl Doll Artist

Review: Pet Travel Kennel

I’m sorry it has taken me so long to write this. Enjoy!   The travel kennel is useful for toting my doll pets around, and it can hold up to 2 of the new pets, three sitting pets and about 4 soft-bodied pets, depending on size. It’s kind of flimsy when there aren’t any pets inside, but that okay, nothing has broken or ripped. I love it that a soft blanket for the pet is included. The blanket is not {Read More}

New American Girl Books

On American Girl’s bookseller’s site, there is new american girl books! They are not for sale on the website yet though. First of all, there is going to be a 3rd book for Grace. I have a feeling that the outfit she’s wearing is going to be released in July. After all, she has the other two outfits she’s wearing on the covers of her other books. American girl is going to change the covers of all the Beforever mysteries. {Read More}

Meet Jade

Jade is an adorable Chocolate Lab I got for Christmas from my brother. She’s sweet and cuddly. Today was kind of chilly, but to Jade, this was the perfect time to play in the snow, which Jade loves, and I took some pictures. As you can see, she has already rolled around in the snow before this picture. Jade really isn’t much of a skater, but she still had tons of fun and can’t wait to go inside and snuggle {Read More}

Grace’s Collection: My Opinion by Catlover02

Grace’s collection is a very fun collection, but a lot of it is really expensive. Her collection has many good and bad things about it. Grace, the doll herself is very beautiful. I’ve heard many people say she looks to much like Chrissa, but she actually has many unique features that make her different from any other doll. Her side bangs are an exclusive look that no other doll has had. Lanie, Girl of the Year 2010, had side bangs, {Read More}