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Beanie Boo Invasion! Part 1

It was an early Saturday morning. Kanani was dressed and ready for a day of fun. All she had to do was braid her hair, and then she would be done! She struggled to finish her braid. Her hair was just not cooperating! Finally, she finished it, and topped it off with a flower clip. “Hey, cool bow!” Jamie said, walking up, “I want one too.” “There’s some more in the other room,” Kanani told her. Jamie picked out a {Read More}

Something Hidden…

I was looking at my American Girl catalog and I noticed the For Goodness Bake sweepstakes part. I started to read the prizes: Grand Prize: Grace doll and book, the French bakery, bistro set and baking outfit, and a matching apron for girls. First Prize: The Grace doll and book. Second Prize: A Grace bracelet for girls and her first book. Third Prize: Grace inspired Tee and phone case for girls, plus Grace’s first book. Hm…. Grace bracelet for girls? {Read More}

New Coloring Page Style

Here is my newest coloring page. Today, I tried a new style. When I doodle, I draw eyes just black ovals. They are very basic, but look adorable. By making the eyes black ovals, I had more time to draw details. In my opinion, this is a really cute picture and it’s one of my favorites. I like how the puppy turned out, and I am glad the garden bench looks so straight. Enjoy! Did you notice the little bird {Read More}

Grace’s First Day at La Patisserie

Bonjour! My name is Grace, and I love to bake. I am enjoying my new life. I was very excited to discover that there was a French bakery nearby! Today is my first day, and I am going to make macarons! They are a bit of a challenge to me. I think they are très difficile. I never know how they are going to turn out. First, I put on my Paris apron. It has little Eiffel towers on it. {Read More}

What Mom Bought (Part 3)

The door began to open with a loud creaking sound. I looked at my hands and realized I was shaking. A girl who looked Hawaiian opened the door. She looks nice, I thought, noticing her wide smile. “Um, hi!” I said. My voice sounded shaky. “I think I’m your new sister, Grace.” The girl squealed. “Oh, hooray, you’re finally here!” she said, apparently excited, “I’m Kanani, by the way. I already know your name though.” “Okay, hi, Kanani,” I replied. Kanani motioned for {Read More}

American Girl Spring Specials

Free shipping codes: SPROUT or SPRINGFUN for free shipping on orders over $100 Everthing on sale is 20% off. Lots of fun things to see!! – American Girl Doll Artist      

Meet Julie: Her First Photoshoot

Julie is not my doll. She is my little sister’s. She got her at the AG store, and she has been doing a good job of taking care of Julie. She let me borrow Julie to take some pictures of her. Julie is a very pretty doll. Actually, every AG doll is pretty in their own way. I’m sure if I got a doll that I didn’t like at first, I would fall in love with it sooner or later. {Read More}

The Science Project (Finale)

The next morning, Erica got up bright and early. She was really hoping, I mean really, hoping that science class wasn’t canceled. Besides, Miss Beaker would have to come! If a teacher missed school for 2 days, a new teacher would have to substitute. Suddenly, Erica was worried. What if they got a new mean teacher? Erica hurried along the sidewalk. The rest of the morning flew by. In the blink of an eye, it was time for science class {Read More}

The Science Project (Part 2)

The weekend seemed to last forever. Guilty feelings flooded her mind and she was actually eager to go the school on Monday. She thought about all the ways to say, “I’m sorry,” but it somehow didn’t seem right. On Monday morning, she walked to school with Ava. Morning classes seemed to take forever. At lunch hour, everything seemed to taste bitter and Ava was nowhere to be seen at recess. Erica was relieved when it was time for science class. She {Read More}

Tutu at Dusk

Bonjour! Tutu here! I have been dying to go outside! It is so nice out, and I am an inside kitty. Finally, Mommy (Catlover02) let me go outside under her watchful eyes. She took tons of photos of me and I LOVE posing for pictures!   Here, I am climbing a tree! We kitties need our exercise! I’m thinking of starting a yoga group for us all! Anyway, that is off subject. More pictures, please! This is me rolling around {Read More}