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What Mom Bought (Part 2)

Everyone thinks I’m a celebrity. I’m just a 9-year-old girl. I have brown hair, blue eyes, and freckles. I love to bake.  I’m actually pretty normal. Being famous was fun for a while, but then I wanted to go back to my old life. That’s how I feel like right now, but I’m about to begin a new chapter of my life. My old life was scary.  I rode in a few trucks, and arrived somewhere cold. I was picked up and loaded into {Read More}

My New Doll Drawing!

Yippee! I’m finally done with my drawing of all of my dolls! I am so happy with the way it turned out! I think my favorite dolls in the picture are Kaya, Grace and Jamie. I love the design on Kaya’s dress and she looks so pretty in it, even on paper! 🙂 Grace is really cute because of her sweet smile. Her shirt turned out great. I really like Jamie’s mischievous smile on her face. It looks really funny to {Read More}

What Mom Bought (Part 1)

“Hey girls! Hey!” Jamie called, bursting into the dolls’ room, “Look at my awesome new outfit!” “Wow,” Kanani remarked, “Uh, that’s trendy.” “I know, right?” Jamie said, twirling around, “Isn’t it awesome?” Isabelle, who was petting Tutu, said, “Cool leggings! Where did you get them?” “I think Mom received them for her birthday. It was a few days ago.” Jamie replied. “I didn’t know it was Mom’s birthday,” Sarah said. She was playing with Isabelle’s American Girl doll. “Neither did {Read More}

The Science Project

This is a new series I’m making. Here’s the cast, Jessica as Miss Beaker Bethany as Sal Jackson Grace Thomas as Erica Matthews Spring as Ava White Josefina as Ruth Jackson ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Erica Matthews was excited for science class. Not that she loved science, but because it was her last subject of the day, and she would have the weekend ahead of her. She hurried through the hall and opened the classroom door. The other students were already there. Erica {Read More}

American Girl Store Feb. 2015 Part 4

Finally, time for the My AG displays. Right next to this display, there was a doll with the new swimsuit roller-skating. It looked really weird. Is skateboarding “in” or something? Now they have 2 skateboarding sets: one for My AG, and one for Julie. The detail on this gardening table is amazing. There are cute ladybugs all over everything, and there are even worms in the flower pots! Cute! I love these dresses. They look so fresh and colorful. Here {Read More}

American Girl Store Feb. 2015 Part 3

Now for the Creativi-Tees, Bitty Babies and Bitty Twins, and the book area! Oh yes, I also decided to add a few other pictures. This, of course, is the book area. I had to step really far back to take this picture. I love this part of the store. It has lots of natural light coming in from the right side. I like the way they arranged the books. About the display in the middle: the other side (the one {Read More}

American Girl Store Feb. 2015 Part 2

Now it’s time for the Girl of the Year Grace displays! My Grace doll is here “helping” me write. 🙂 This is the display window in the entry of the store. The suitcase is a lot smaller than I thought, but it’s really cute in my opinion. 🙂 It was temporarily out of stock at the store. Catlover02 was disappointed, because she was planning on getting it. I really like Grace’s travel coat. It looks gorgeous with her eyes. Here are {Read More}

Fun News and Updates

2 days ago, I bought Grace Thomas at the AG store. Yesterday, I was looking at my blog and realized something. My drawing of all my dolls won’t work anymore. I have a new doll: Grace Thomas! So I am going to have to draw a new picture. I hope to get it done soon. Plus, 2 of my little sisters got AG dolls. Samantha-lover got Samantha, and Julie-lover got Julie. If they let me, the new Beforever dolls might be in some of my upcoming photo-stories. Jamie’s {Read More}