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Drawing for Blackie Sunshine

Finally! It’s finished! Isabelle and Sophie look really cute (in my opinion) and I hope you like your picture, Blackie Sunshine! I looked at your blog and saw what doll clothes you had, and came up with this. Here are some other pictures I have colored. Psst! I just added some new coloring pages! Look around to find them! 🙂 – American Girl Doll Artist

The Salon and Spa

One day, Sarah was doing a little shopping, when she noticed a new store that had opened up in town. “Wow!” Sarah cried, “A salon! That’s just what this town needs.” Sarah peeked in the window. She saw hair spray, a styling chair, and a massage bench. She reached for the door knob and went inside. “Bethany! I didn’t know you were working here!” Sarah exclaimed, “I love your hair! What happened to it?” Bethany frowned. “I’m not Bethany. Mom {Read More}

Grace and Bonbon: Best Friends

This morning, the weather was really nice. Perfect for a photo-shoot. Grace is my prettiest doll and it was really cold when I got her, so this was my chance. Here are some of the photos. She is wearing the store-exclusive purchase with a purchase outfit. It is really sweet and the colors match Grace’s collection so well.   Grace’s charm bracelet is super pretty and goes well with lots of outfits. The bracelet is like part of her personality. {Read More}

How to Make Doll Popcorn

Hi! I have not done a craft post in like, 3 months. So today, I am going to change that! How to make doll popcorn: Supplies: 1. Popcorn box template (below) 2. Scissors 3. Glue 4. Red and Yellow Markers 5. A blank piece of paper   1. Color your popcorn box. You don’t have to do this if you printed it out in color. I colored mine. 2. Cut out the box. 3. Fold along the black (or dark) lines. {Read More}

Truly Me Meet Outfit Leaked!

I am so excited right now! AG has accidentally leaked the new possible Truly Me meet outfit! I don’t know what to think of this new style. I will have to wait and see when it comes out! The shoes to me look like a blue version of these pink flats from the School Stripes outfit. They are too small to tell. Also, on the top picture, the dolls without hair are $115, the current price of the dolls with {Read More}


Sarah laughed as Tutu climbed on top of her. She tried to bat her away, but Tutu kept at it. “Hey Sarah,” said Jamie. “Hi,” Sarah replied, sitting up, “What’s up? Where’s Mom?” “Where else? Playing with her Beanie Boos again.” Jamie pouted. “She never plays with us anymore.” “Jamie, you know that isn’t true.” Sarah said. “Yes it is,” Kaya said from the upper bed. It looked as if she had been crying. “What’s wrong?” Jamie asked, “Are you {Read More}

Beanie Boo Invasion! Part 2

After leaving her two sisters at the bakery, Grace made her way to the dolls’ house. She heard lots of screaming. Grace peeked in through the door, and saw chaos. One Beanie boo was chewing on a shoe. Another Beanie Boo was lapping up spilled soda from the floor. Two owl Beanie Boos were happily jumping on the bed together. A different owl was jumping all over the place… …. and several Beanie Boos were climbing all over Kaya. Kaya {Read More}