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Truly Me Signature Studio

The Truly Me Signature Studio is a fun studio where you get to design clothes for your dolls. You get to pick out what outfit type you would like: a dress, pajamas, a tunic and leggings, or you can create a backpack for yourself. You also pick out fabric, patterns, and iron-ons. When you’re done, AG creates the outfit while you are in the store. This is only available at the American Girl stores in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New {Read More}

Tenley’s Kanani Drawing

Since I have been drawing so many pieces of art for people, Tenley decided to draw one for me. I got to pick out the subject and she drew it and sent it to me. Thanks Tenley! I love your drawing. 🙂 I love how you drew Kanani in the water with the setting sun. She looks really pretty. Tenley has a doll blog, called The Sunshine Dollies 2. You can check it out here! If you have some AG {Read More}

Too Old, Yet Not Too Old

Who says I’m too old for American Girl Dolls? American Girl, that’s who! They think I’m too old to play with their dolls. Dolls are for girls 8 – 13, they say. Many teens collect the $100+ dolls, despite the price. Why? Because they love American Girl! They love the dolls, with their sparkling eyes and soft hair. They gaze longingly at the catalogs, and squeal over new releases. Going to the AG store is a dream come true to {Read More}

Forever Love Dolls’ Drawing

It’s finally here. I drew this about a week ago (or was is 2?) and here it is! Enjoy Forever Love Dolls!  You can post it on your blog if you want. Reminder: I’m still not taking requests. Thanks! – American Girl Doll Artist

Truly Me: My Thoughts

Truly Me is finally here! I actually thought there was going to be way more new items than there are. Oh well…. 🙂 Cute, cute, cute! I really like her. Though I told myself not to get anymore dolls for a while….. My bedroom is running out of space, but I have wanted an Asian doll for a while. I think this doll is okay. She’s pretty. This doll looks, well, too normal. American Girl has way too many blond-haired {Read More}

New Instore Exclusive and PWP

I think this is the new Instore Exclusive. I don’t know the purpose for the wind sail and board, but I do like the peachy/coral color of the swim shirt and shorts. – American Girl Doll Artist

Jess Face Mold Change

When I first saw TM 64, I knew that she was different from the other Asian dolls, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. This morning, I did! I realized the thing that makes 64 different is her eyes. Her eyes have slits cut out on either side of each eye. This makes her eyes look wider. Personally, I really like it. Now she’s my favorite Truly Me doll.   I used to like the doll on top, but {Read More}

Bethany at the Beach

Hi, everyone. I, Bethany, am going to tell you all that happened this morning. The sun was shining. Sweat was making its way down my forehead. All of my sisters and I were super hot. We used fans and lemonade. Those didn’t cool us off. Suddenly, an idea popped into my head. I could go to the beach! I packed all of my accessories and headed off. When I got there, it was empty, and boy, did I feel cool! {Read More}

Truly Me Items to Come…

Here are a list of new Truly Me items coming out this year. – Flip Top Desk – Science Fair Set – Hot Lunch Set – Recess Ready Outfit – Sport Storage Bench – Basketball Outfit – Slow Cooker Dinner Set – Silver Sparkle Beanie for Dolls – Sparkle Sweater Outfit Slow Cooker Set… Like a crock pot? That would be adorable. My mom is thinking of getting a doll, and she uses our crock pots a lot. It would {Read More}

Good-bye InnerstarU

InnerstarU is finally closing it’s doors. I don’t mind that much. It was fun, but it was just a pretend online school. Dolls in real life are much better. In my opinion, that is. I got access to ISU from my doll Jamie. My favorite games were the Campus Club Fair and the Diving Game. On November 5th, 2015, ISU will be shut down. Play while you can! – American Girl Doll Artist