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Truly Awesome Sweepstakes

Truly Me is finally here! To celebrate, AG is having the “Truly AwesoME Sweepstakes” ! Each week AG is going to have a drawing with a different item each week. You may enter once for each item. This week they have a doll and accessories package. Prizes: Week Entry Period Entry Dates Prize Approximate Retail Value (ARV) 1 5/21/15 – 5/27/15 One (1) Truly Me™ doll of choice and one (1) Love to layer accessories set $143 2 5/28/15 – {Read More}

Maryellen Mini Doll And More

Isn’t Mini Maryellen adorable? She has such a sweet face. I really like her vest. I found these pictures at American Girl Publishing, along with her book descriptions. Book One: The One and Only Maryellen Larkin is nine years old and longs to stand out, but in a family with five brothers and sisters it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle! A painting mishap gains her some attention, but not the kind she’s been longing for. Being invited to {Read More}

Trying New Things

Hello! Today, I, the magnificent and famous Grace Thomas will show you an all new recipe, straight from the Patisserie. Well, I’m not really famous, that is, if you don’t count the photos of me all over American Girl. Anyway, today, I am going to show you all a new recipe that my Mom just got me.  Can you guess? Cream puffs!  First, I had to get out all the supplies. The bowl and whisk were just few. The ingredients for {Read More}

Josefina’s Profile

Josefina has never really had a personality. I never have noticed her very much. She seemed out of place in my modern doll household. Finally, I have found it out. I did a small (and I mean, small) photo-shoot with her.     I love her gold hoop earrings. At first, I was a little disappointed that they weren’t removable, but I got over it, and now, I can’t imagine her without them.   I kept her cute little primroses {Read More}

Grace Comparison: Grace vs Grace

So, who has Grace? That was a question many of you had in March, this year. Catlover02 bought Grace Thomas online, and then I bought another Grace in store in February. Which is which? This post will show how we tell who has what Grace doll. Here are the 2 Grace dolls side by side. Can you notice anything different about them (except for the fact that they have different earrings)? Basically, we know the Grace dolls apart because of {Read More}

Camille’s Drawing

Instead of me drawing a picture for someone, Camille sent me a drawing she made of her doll, Lanie! Thank you for sharing! I love Lanie and Lulu, they are so cute. Your style of drawing is really unique, Camille! 🙂 Keep drawing! If you would like to share a drawing of your dolls, or have a picture to share, you can email: agdollartist@ – American Girl Doll Artist

Blog-i-versary Giveaway Winner!

Good morning everyone! Catlover02’s Grace is here today to help us find the give-away winner! Catlover02 and I put everyone’s names on little pieces of paper into the glass bowl. Grace then stirred it up with her spatula and then pulled out a slip of paper. Oh, the suspense!   Congratulations Amanda! You won! Thank you to all of the people who entered. I had over 20 entries! That was fun! Well, in my opinion. I hope I will be {Read More}

Mary Ellen’s First Book Cover

This is the cover of Maryellen Larkin’s first book. I am also guessing that’s her meet outfit. It looks cute and I’ve heard that many people like her shoes. They do look unique. It looks like Maryellen lives somewhere warm, by the palm trees, and tropical plants in the background. Maryellen is starting to grow on me. I don’t think I’ll get her, though she is pretty. – American Girl Doll Artist

Looking Back

May 13th, 2014. That’s the date my mom and I purchased the domain: That was a fun time for me. It was just the beginning of summer, and I had so many post ideas. I was inspired to start a blog. My friends and I were doing a writing curriculum, called Cover Story. The goal of the curriculum was pick a theme that you enjoyed writing about and create your own magazine. It probably won’t surprise you that I {Read More}

NEW! Additions to AG Publishing!

While looking through the AG Publishing site, I came across these few things! 1. NEW! Doll Celebrations (Available in August)   2. NEW! Baking with Grace ( American Girl Doll Artist and I are SUPER excited about this! Available in June)   3. NEW! Dream It, Do It! (Available in August)   4. NEW! Josefina Mini Doll!!!! (I <3 her! Available in August)   That’s all! I was so excited to see a Josefina Mini doll!! I think she is {Read More}