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Review: Flamingo Beach Dress

Hello! Today, I have here with me Darica, who will model the Flamingo Beach Dress for you. I couldn’t find a good place to photograph her but then settled down next to a dark green bush. The color almost exactly matches her eyes. Gorgeous! The Flamingo Beach Dress is currently sold for $28 and comes with one dress, one bracelet, and one pair of shoes. The Flamingo Dress is printed with flamingos, lotus flowers, seashells and starfish. There are also {Read More}

Truly Me Summer Releases: My Thoughts

With all these new releases, it seems there’s something for every doll! Truly Me, Beforever, GOTY, Bitty Twins, and Bitty Babies all got something new this month. There’s so many items, I’m just going to do Truly Me items in this post. I think this puppy looks angry, maybe with the way it’s fur is positioned. To me, it’s just another pet. I probably won’t get it. I love this outfit. I really like the scarf because it’s great for {Read More}

Grace Stirs Up Success Movie Review

I had a lot of fun at the movie viewing event. Though it was really packed, my family got there early and we were able to pick our seats. The theater had a special menu for the American Girl event, and there was soda, popcorn, and truffles. We got to take a photo on the red carpet and then we checked in. They gave us pink wristbands to wear and our goodie bags. Then we followed the line into the {Read More}

Review: Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit

I love Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit! I think it’s one of my favorite outfits from her collection. The whole outfit: I really like how the black and white look on Grace. I can’t wait to see how many outfits I can come up with included her white skirt! The shirt has many sequins on the top and a large white bow on her left shoulder. The sequins don’t continue around the back. The shirt closes with very thin velcro, and the {Read More}

New Grace Releases Store Photos June 2015

Bonjour! It’s a party of Grace dolls! My doll has the beret, Catlover02’s Grace is at the Bistro and AG’s Grace is baking. Next to my Grace is the food set I bought. Grace’s new outfit. Random photo. I just took this for fun because Samanthalover stopped to pick out the Leopard Pajamas. The Eiffel tower jewelry holder can hold Grace’s earrings, and her charm bracelet, but it can barely fit the charm bracelet for girls! It’s pretty small. These {Read More}

Review: Grace’s Baking Set

This is a review of Grace’s Baking Set. I purchased this at the AG store 2 weeks ago, but I haven’t had a chance to do a post about it. Since this set doesn’t involve clothing, it’s wasn’t included in the Fashion Show. Anyway, it’s time for a review! Here’s the whole set. First, the mixer. The mixer is adorable. I love the light blue color of it, and the sticker that says, “La Patisserie.” The mixing attachment turns for 10 {Read More}

New Instore Exclusive: Grace’s French Pastry Set Review

You would not believe how excited my sister and I were when we heard about this set. We were so excited! Whoever made up this set was really smart. I think it’s going to sell out fast. Anyway, I bought this at the AG store on Friday. I learned about this set from Living A Doll’s Life (seriously, awesome blog; they have the hottest AG news) and I wanted to get it right away. Since Catlover02 and I made our {Read More}

New Grace Releases June 2015

I wondered why AG would release all of the new Grace items after so many people would come to their stores for the movie viewing events. Good thing they were prepared and released right before Grace’s movie release! Here are some of my thoughts on the new items. Catlover02, Samanthalover and I went to Grace’s Movie Premiere in Kansas City. We all really liked the movie, and there were so many funny parts.  (P.S. The girl who played Sylvie, Grace’s cousin, {Read More}

Summer Releases 2015 Sneak Peek

Want to see a sneak peek of the new summer releases? AG posted these pictures on their Pinterest board. Beforever Dolls are getting new beds! New pajamas are coming out too!   Well, only Kaya doesn’t get any, because she didn’t wear pajamas then. New Truly Me school outfits: Also, new school and sport accessories.   And a new dinner set: To see all the pictures, visit AG’s Pinterest board here. – American Girl Doll Artist

Blogging Tips 1.0

Some people have been asking for some blogging tips, so I decided to make a post of some tips for beginner bloggers. These are not in any particular order. 1. Try to have a clean look for your blog. This will effect the first impression you give to viewers. Try to make your blog look unique, but not too crazy. My blog has 2 fun colors (red and aqua) and the neutral color is white. Since white is the main {Read More}