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Daily Deal: Sit and Snooze Fold Out Bed

Today, June 15th, only, the Sit and Snooze Fold Out Bed is avaliable for $24 (50% off) and it also comes with free shipping! Another Deal is coming tomorrow. Find it HERE. – American Girl Doll Artist

Review: Seaside Fun Outfit

On our trip to the American Girl Store, I was still deciding what to buy. At first, I thought about the new Shimmer Doodle Outfit, but as I admired it in the displays, I discovered I didn’t like it as much as I thought. The style was nice, but the colors didn’t really stand out. I noticed the Seaside Fun Outfit on Truly Me Doll #47 and I thought, ‘That would look great on Jessica!’ As it turns out, the {Read More}

June 2015 American Girl Fashion Show

With the roar of the crowd ringing in their ears, Spring and Jamie stepped onto the runway to greet the crowd. “Thank you! Thank you!” Jamie shouted to everyone. The shouts and cheers began to quiet down. “I am so delighted to be the host of tonight’s Fashion Show! With me is my assistant, Spring.” Spring smiled and waved, “Hello!” “We hope you have lots of fun tonight seeing the latest designs of clothing,” Jamie said.  “And one more thing: {Read More}

Innerstar Sale (Up to 40% off)

AG is trying to make room for all of the new items coming out later this month. The snack cart, Spa Chair, Camping Tent, and multiple outfits and accessories are on sale. Click here to see them all.  – American Girl Doll Artist

New Grace Release Leaked!

While browsing on the American Girl website, I came across this information! American Girl has leaked Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit and Accessories! I took some snips to show you. All pictures are from the American Girl Website. 1. Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit $30       I LOVE Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit, it is super adorable. Her polka-dotted tutu is darling and has lots of mix-n-match potential. My favorite element of this outfit is the shirt. The three-quarter length sleeves and sequins stand {Read More}

Jills Steals and Deals June 2015

Today some My AG dolls are on sale, and more! Code: JUNTODAY Link for the Bouquet Bed – American Girl Doll Artist

A Special Trip

Guess where we went? What? What made you guess the American Girl store? I brought Grace, Catlover02 brought Spring, and Samanthalover brought her My AG 41 doll named Katie. When we first walked in, we went to the book section which is on the right. This was set up. I must say, that little drink is pretty cute! This was next to the picnic blanket. The hammock is very lightweight. The doll is heavier than the hammock itself! The book {Read More}

New AG Sale Items

Since Truly Me has finally come out, American Girl has put some MyAG items on the sale page : Notice the Fancy Coat Set? That was a Christmas Instore Exclusive last year. 🙂 – American Girl Doll Artist P.S. More fun coming soon! 😉

Going Geocaching

“I’m bored,” Kanani mumbled, shoving her novel aside. She had just read Meet Isabelle for the fourth time that day. Purr! Tutu hopped up onto the bed next to Kanani. Tutu begged for a back rub. Kana laughed and sunk her hands into Tutu’s soft fur. Tutu began to purr loudly. “You could go geocaching with me,” Isabelle suggested. “Geocaching? What’s that?” Kanani asked, confused. “It’s sort of like a treasure hunt. You go around looking for a geocache, which {Read More}

Grace’s Photoshoot + Tips

Yesterday I took Grace out for a photo shoot, because I realized that though I was playing a lot with her, I have only taken her on a photo shoot about once or twice. Grace is so pretty. I love playing with her hair. I gave her two French braids. They had a slight wave at the bottom, which was cute. 🙂 I love Grace’s charm bracelet. It’s really sturdy. Her boots are great for mix and matching. Her earrings {Read More}