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My InnerstarU Artwork – Part 2

Now, where were we? Oh yes, I was in the middle of my Project Friendship Drawings. This is Neely. Her eye got smeared because I colored it with a ballpoint pen, and I made her too thin and tall, which makes her look older. This is not from Project Friendship, but from a InnerstarU secret ending online. I kinda cheated on this one… I traced her glasses and face. 😛 I’m glad I got the coloring on the Butterfly Dress {Read More}

My InnerstarU Artwork – Part 1

InnerstarU has played a big part in the way I draw. Sure, everyone’s drawing style  is unique, but mine was heavily influenced by the pictures in the books. I love the InnerstarU books. Though the pictures are made in a studio, the way they are drawn makes them look like something I could copy. That’s exactly what I thought when I borrowed my first InnerstarU book at the library: A Surprise Find. I had heard about InnerstarU from American Girl (I {Read More}

American Girl Coupon Code (July 2015 only)

If you are planning to purchase something from American Girl in the next few days, comment below because I have a couple of coupon codes for $10 off a purchase of $50. They expire at the end of the month, so hurry. I think we got like 4-5 codes at the Grace Movie Viewing, and on the back it states: Only 1 offer per household. I am wondering why they gave us so many coupon codes if we could only {Read More}

Review: Grace’s Travel Set

On my first trip of the year to American Girl, I was planning on getting items for Grace, since I had just gotten her in a January. One of the items I planned to get was her Travel Set. Unfortunately, it was out of stock. 🙁 The second time I went, it was still out of stock. Finally, we were taking a quick trip to American Girl and (Insert jump for joy here) the Travel Set was in stock! For me, {Read More}

Review: Grace’s Welcome Gifts

When I went to the AG store to get my Grace doll, I wanted to get her Welcome Gifts too, since I would save $5. Then (since it was my birthday) my friend gave me some extra spending money and I had enough to get Kaya’s Limited Edition Shawl Outfit. I ended up not getting Grace’s Welcome Gifts, but I got them the next time I went to the store. The item I wanted most from the set was the {Read More}

Stuffed Up

It was morning in the doll household. Some were still sleeping.   Some were waking up for breakfast. Sarah and Josefina were first to the table. “I get the watermelon!” Josefina claimed. “I get the muffin and bacon!” Sarah said. They started eating just as Spring came up from behind with Crystal. Crystal looked as if she’d had a rough night.   “Hi, guys? What’s for breakfast?” She asked, gazing at all the delicious food. “Anything!” Josefina and Sarah said at {Read More}

On the Loose

I sighed. Walking the dogs was not what I had in mind this afternoon. Actually, I was going to go shopping. I remembered what Spring had told me before I left the house. “Stay on the sidewalk and you’ll be fine.” she’d said. “Ha!” I had replied, “That’s simple.” Turns out, simple meant boring. I yawned as I walked. Then for some reason, the puppies started to walk faster.  “Hey, slow down!” I yelped, but they kept picking up the pace. {Read More}

AG Sale: Summertime Savings 2015

A little over 3 pages of sale items has been added to the AG website. Titled Summertime Savings, most of the summer items that were just released are on sale. Samanthalover was just eyeing that ice cream parlor. 🙂 – American Girl Doll Artist  

Maryellen 18″ Doll Leak!

Here’s a picture of 18 inch Maryellen in her box! Living a Doll’s Life got this photo from Instagram and that person got it off Ebay. It was probably a Chinese seller. Maryellen’s hair looks really soft and shiny. Samanthalover is hoping to add Maryellen to her collection sometime after she is released. – American Girl Doll Artist

Peppermint Pursuits: New Clay Creations 7/15/15

I have made some new clay items to sell in our Etsy store! Click this link to see the new breakfast themed charms and carnival food for dolls! Peppermint Pursuits – Catlover02