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Review: Grace’s Travel Coat

Bonjour! Grace is here with me today to review her Travel Coat. Here’s the whole coat. It’s made of very durable, thick material that is just like a real coat. On the coat’s waistline is a black bow. It is sewn into place and can’t be untied. On the upper part of the coat are 5 buttons. The 3 on the right side are used to close up the coat and the other 2 on the left are just for {Read More}

GOTY 2016 News

I read another doll blog called Living a Doll’s Life and they just posted some news about GOTY 2016. Living a Doll’s Life has a picture of her possible meet outfit and there’s a tag on the dress that says, “Lea Clark.” It might be GOTY 2016’s name, or AG might be in the process of making her, just playing around with some ideas. Read the full post here. The dress that might be GOTY 2016’s meet outfit looks like {Read More}

New Coloring Page Sets on Peppermint Pursuits

New coloring pages sets on our Etsy shop, Peppermint Pursuits! Click HERE to visit Peppermint Pursuits! 3 new coloring page sets: Beforever Bedtime Coloring Page Set  (set of 6 for $2) Samantha Coloring Page Set  (set of 3 for $1) Truly Me School Spirit Coloring Page Set  (set of 3 for $1) Catlover02 is hoping to list some clay creations soon! – American Girl Doll Artist

Tropical Bloom

The Tropical Bloom Outfit is one of my favorite outfits to dress Spring in. Her blue eyes are so pretty. She somehow got hold of a pair of Grace’s Earrings and is wearing them today.       Spring loves Grace’s heart earrings. 🙂           Ah, such pretty curls! (I’ll do a tutorial on how to care for her hair soon) 😉     I love her blue eyes! They are a perfect combination with her {Read More}

Dream Come True Sweepstakes

You can enter to win a Beforever doll and matching doll and girl pajama set! ENTER You can enter 1 time each day and get additional entries by emailing your friends!  I will enter, but I won’t be really disappointed if I lose. It’s just for fun, and I don’t really LOVE any Beforever dolls at the moment. 🙂 Also, a sincere thank you to American Girl for making adults and older girls able to enter! They probably got too {Read More}

Kanani at the Pool

Kanani was dressed in her swimsuit and to hide it, she wore her green sundress. On her shoulder hung her beach tote. She peered into the dolls’ house from behind the wardrobe door. All the dolls were busy. Isabelle was looking at Grace’s new earrings, Josefina and Kaya were playing with the pets, and well, you get the idea. Kanani made her move. She tried to act casual as she walked across the room. She opened the door as quietly as she {Read More}

Happy 4th of July 2015!

Happy 4th of July from Isabelle! Today I dressed her in a very colorful outfit. Here is the complete outfit. The shoes are from the Happy Holiday Dress (2014). The skirt is from Grace Thomas’s Sightseeing Outfit. The shirt is a 2012 in-store exclusive from Dallas. Her headband is also from the Happy Holiday dress. Her hairstyle is the waterfall braid. I think it looks really cool. We hope you have a great 4th of July! Isabelle wants to remind {Read More}

More of Camille’s American Girl Artwork

Camille has been drawing more pictures! She actually made this artwork a few weeks ago, but I haven’t had a chance to post it here until now. Here’s a drawing of Jamie in a holiday dress Camille designed. This is Lanie in another fancy gown designed by Camille. Here’s another Lanie drawing. Maryellen and her dog, Scooter. Camille, nice job the picnic basket! I love the way you made it look textured. Another Maryellen drawing of her in her meet outfit. {Read More}