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Review: Doodle Backpack

Spring is ready for school with her new Doodle Backpack. I got the backpack 50% off ($14) online. The backpack is super great quality. The zippers work well and it fits the doll perfectly. The doodles on the front are a super fun, appealing design. Surprisingly, the backpack has two compartments. Both compartments are pretty big and can fit lots of school supplies. As for the accessories, I am super impressed by how cute they all are. First, there are {Read More}

Small, Smaller, Smallest – A Photoshoot

Here are some photos I took of Grace (small), a mini Eiffel tower (smaller) and Mini Grace (smallest). Bonus pictures: Those were of our cat, Dottie. 🙂 She has 3 dots on her nose. 🙂 — American Girl Doll Artist

Truly Me Releases August 2015 – My Thoughts

American Girl releases so many things this week. Normally AG releases the holiday dresses and winter outfits in October. I guess they had too much stock and decided to release them earlier in the year. It gives us girls more time to save our money before they are retired! First off, the outfits: This is soo cute! I love the gold. It looks stunning on that doll. The sparkles add a nice touch, and the flower bow is so gorgeous! I {Read More}

Doll Diaries – Maryellen Giveaway

If you don’t like Maryellen enough to buy her, you could win her! Doll Diaries is having a giveaway! It ends on September 12th. Check out their posts to see how you can enter extra times! — American Girl Doll Artist

My Thoughts: Maryellen and her Collection

Yippee! She’s finally here! I (American Girl Doll Artist) am going to share some of my thoughts on her collection! Maryellen is so beautiful! I love her curly hair, her bangs… She is just so cute! I also love her meet outfit. It reminds me of lollipops. Her gloves look so dainty, as does her pearl necklace. Her purse is pretty cute too. I am really excited about her books. I don’t think AG has had a new Beforever series {Read More}

In Honor of Maryellen

In honor of Maryellen, I drew a picture a few days ago and here it is! I hope you like it (especially American Girl Doll Crafter!) My opinion on some of the new products is coming soon! — American Girl Doll Artist

GOTY 2016’s Books on Amazon

GOTY 2016 will have 3 books, written by Lisa Yee, the author of the Kanani books. GOTY 2016 has a connection to Brazil, rainforests and possibly the Olympics. Her book titles are: “GOTY Dives In GOTY Leads the Way GOTY and Camila “ Here’s a summary of the GOTY and Camila: “For spring break, GOTY 2016 has invited her friend Camila to St. Louis for a stateside adventure. They find a stray kitten and make a mysterious discovery while visiting {Read More}

FREE InnerstarU “Quick Change” Coloring Pages

Here are some free coloring pages for all of you! They are all from the Innerstar U book, Quick Change. Note: The book doesn’t mention anything about Halloween, just a fall costume party. 🙂 Have fun! — American Girl Doll Artist

Tutu’s Cooking Show

Hello, and welcome to Tutu’s cooking show. Today I will be teaching you how to make baguettes! You will need some essential baking utensils, such as a stand mixer, a bowl, an iPad, a spoon, ingredients, and most importantly, a hibiscus flower! Your owner will not mind if you take them without asking. Let’s get started. Grab your flour and bowl. Pour some flour into the bowl. You can put in as much as you want. It is most desirable {Read More}

PWP August 2015 – Doodle Backpack

The Doodle Backpack is $14 with a purchase of $50. It ships free.  This offer is valid through August 31st! I don’t know if this is going on in store too. — American Girl Doll Artist