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Clay Doll Food Survey

Do you have any clay doll food suggestions? Tell me all about your ideas in this survey! Thank you for taking the survey! It will really help! -Catlover02

Peppermint Pursuits – New Coloring Pages 9/28/15

Check out the 5 new coloring pages at Peppermint Pursuits! Truly Me TV Fun Coloring Page  Truly Me Horses Coloring Page Grace Thomas’s Pastry Cart Coloring Page Julie Dog Walking Coloring Page Kit’s Birthday Party Coloring Page Thanks for looking! — American Girl Doll Artist

American Girl Trademarks New Names

On American Girl’s list of trademarks (words or names that “belong” to them) they have added several names, including: Willa – Toys, games and playthings Emerson – dolls, doll clothing, doll accessories, plush toys, toy figures Ashlyn – toys, games and playthings Camille – dolls, doll clothing accessories, plush toys, toy figures Kendall – toys, games and playthings Gabriela – toys, games and playthings Camille! I love that name! It would such a great name for a doll! I hope these {Read More}

Autumn Birdwatchers

Bethany wanted to try out Spring’s new binoculars this afternoon. A certain kitten wanted to tag along. For some reason, all of the birds stayed away. I wonder why… 🙂 Bethany writes down notes so she can remember every bird she’s seen. *Meow* *Meow* ‘Is it snack-time yet?’ You can eat when we are finished, Crystal. 😛 There weren’t very many birds around because of you-know-who, so here are some bonus photos. Crystal is such a spoiled kitten! She tried {Read More}

Start Saving American Girl Your Money…

Right now is about the time you should start saving your American Girl money for the end-of-the-year-sales! I just know they will have some great deals on clothing, accessories and even furniture! Last year they had: Jill’s Steals and Deals – Isabelle dolls and accessories – $79 – $130 Cyber Monday – Clothes, books, furniture and accessories – $1 – $100 Black Friday – I don’t know what they really had, because BF is in-store only, and I didn’t go. {Read More}

For Goodness Save – Day 2

Day 2 for “For Goodness Save” American Girl is offering free shipping and 50% off Grace’s Baking Set! I will not be getting this since I already have it, but $34 is a great price! You should buy it before it’s sold out! Catlover02 and I wanted to buy the Bistro set from the sale yesterday. We told our mom a little late, and by the time we got on the computer to buy it, it was not available anymore. {Read More}

For Goodness Save!

American Girl is having 2 days of daily deals for Grace! Today it’s her Bistro Set, 40% off! It’s only $51!! LINK Will you be buying this set? I might! But I might want to wait to see what tomorrow brings. It could be her baking accessories, which I already have. Oh, the suspence! — American Girl Doll Artist

American Girl’s Grace Mistakes

Here are a couple of interesting things I’ve noticed that AG has messed up on. They are pretty interesting though! The first one is involving the pastry cart online. Here is the pastry cart’s first photo. Then, it shows the pastry cart without all the goodies. Did you notice what the sign said? Huh? Polka dot Patisserie? I noticed this because I printed out a picture of Grace’s pastry cart so I could make a coloring page of it. I {Read More}

Review: Dreamy Daisy Pet Bed

As a pet lover, I own many of the American Girl cats and dogs. This pet bed stood out among the other pet beds that are available. It looks like something you could really buy at a pet store. It’s mostly for Jade, but all the pets are going to sleep in it at some time. Overall, it’s super sweet.  I love it not just because it’s for my pets, but it’s also a great prop in your doll’s house. {Read More}

The Surprise Party

Grace laughed as Bonbon trailed behind her. She had just picked up the latest magazine of “Petite Pastries” at the bookstore and was now trying to find a comfy place to read. “Grace? I need you to go to the store and buy some earrings for me. They are ones I told you about. You know, the pink ones?” Jamie called from across the room. “Uh…” Grace paused, noticing Jamie was doing nothing. “Why can’t you do it yourself?” “I’m… busy!” {Read More}