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Review: Grace’s Charm Bracelet for Girls

When Grace’s Charm Bracelet for Girls first came out, I really liked it. Earlier this year, I created my own charm bracelet out of Shrinky Dinks. I really wanted to get the bracelet, because it was better quality than the one I made. I wanted to get the bracelet in July, when I had a $10 off coupon, but never got around to it. Then in August, when American Girl had free shipping, I jumped at the chance to buy it. {Read More}

Surprises in the Attic

“Hi, Jessica. Do you want to play with our dolls?” Grace asked. Jessica shook her head. “Kaya is playing with my doll right now. I might play later.” “Mom has an extra doll! Please? Pretty please with a french macaron?” Grace pleaded. Jessica smiled, knowing that Grace wouldn’t give up. “Well………” Jessica paused for effect. “Sure. Where is the doll?” Grace cheered. “It’s in the attic.” “Um, OK.” Jessica ran back to her room to get a flashlight. The attic didn’t {Read More}

Free Shipping on Orders Over $100 – Through September 14th

Free shipping on orders over $100, through September 14th. Just enter SHIP915 at checkout. Don’t forget about the Terrier Puppy – $14 with a purchase of $50! — American Girl Doll Artist

Sarah and Bethany’s Fashion Disaster

*Squirt squirt* Sarah pushed down on top of the spray bottle. She covered Bethany’s hair in water. “What are you doing to my hair?” Bethany asked. “You’ll see!” Sarah said mysteriously. She went back to brushing Bethany’s stick-straight, blonde hair, “It’s going to be perfect!” “Perfectly silly!” Bethany muttered. Sarah laughed, “Maybe!” Bethany groaned. “It is, isn’t it? Ugh! You’ll ruin my hair! Last time you got a piggy-tail holder tangled up in my hair and Spring had to almost {Read More}

New Coloring Pages on Peppermint Pursuits – September 2015

New coloring pages are available at Peppermint Pursuits! Click the links to check them out! Beforever character coloring page 2015 Holiday coloring page Maryellen’s Seaside Diner coloring page Have a coloring page suggestion? Take a survey and share your idea! — American Girl Doll Artist

One Year Ago…

So! It’s been 1 year since I’ve changed my blog theme! I just thought it would be fun to announce that. I LOVE the new look and never want to change it. It’s very modern (in my opinion) and I realized earlier this year that the colors go along with Grace’s collection, especially her suitcase. Thanks to my mom who came up with the idea of taking my blog to the next level, and to my older brother for helping {Read More}

Coloring Page Survey

Do you have a coloring page suggestion? You can share it by taking my coloring page survey! Thank you for taking my survey! — American Girl Doll Artist  

Sneak Peek – New Coloring Pages

Here is a sneak peek of what I’ve been working on! 🙂 These both will be available on Etsy soon! — American Girl Doll Artist

September 2015 PWP

This month’s Purchase with a Purchase is the new Terrier Puppy. It’s $14 with a purchase of $50 or more. — American Girl Doll Artist