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New Photos of GOTY 2016 Lea Clark Mini Doll on Ebay

This Lea Clark mini doll was listed only a few hours ago… These are new, more detailed photos of her. She is from the same seller who had the leaked spring 2016 outfit. (I like to frequently look around eBay for juicy info) 🙂 Here are the photos. Overall, she doesn’t look bad, but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing her. The 18 inch doll will probably have medium skin, Caroline’s eye color, the Josefina face mold and caramel hair. {Read More}

Spring 2016 Outfit Leaked!

I was surfing through Ebay, hoping to see pictures of any unreleased outfits. I’m always excited when I come across something nobody’s ever seen before. I found this listing that looked unfamiliar…. I don’t know if this is an old AG outfit or not, but I looked through show all of the retired outfits and accessories) and there wasn’t anything that resembled this or anything like it. So I’ll just suppose it’s unreleased. The seller is from China, so {Read More}

Sewing: Another Pleated Skirt

I finished another pleated skirt! This time, I used corduroy. I think it looks pretty cute on Jessica. 🙂 Jessica totally agrees! She is a beautiful model. Here’s a close up of the skirt. I tried really hard to make the grain straight, and it paid off! I was having a little trouble with the needle though. My mom had bought some extra for the machine, but I don’t think they go with it. So the needle would randomly snag {Read More}

Isabelle’s Fairy Costume

Hi guys! It’s Isabelle here. My mom helped me make this super awesome fairy costume. You see, the blog, American Girl Fan, was having a giveaway for 2 gift cards, so I thought I’d enter. All I had to do was to design a costume and then send in my photo. I dressed up as a fairy, obviously. I used different clothing pieces from my collection and other things from around the house. The leotard is from an old ballet {Read More}

American Girl Activity Books on Amazon

There are most of the American Girl activity books on Amazon for cheaper prices. Most of the prices vary from week to week, but here are the prices for this week: Baking with Grace – $15.30 Doll Pets – $16.22 Doll Art Studio – $15.91 Doll School – $13.63 Doll Hair Salon – $18.05 Doll Scrapbook – $19.44 Doll Celebrations – $17.62 Doll Star – $14.38 Doll Dining – $15.69 Doll at Work – $17.93 Which one is your favorite? — {Read More}

October 2015 Coloring Page Sneak Peeks

Here are a couple sneak peeks for you. I have been working on a few coloring pages that will be released soon. See if you can guess what they are of! Have a coloring page suggestion? Take this survey! — American Girl Doll Artist

American Girl Holiday Catalog Photos – 2015

Here are photos of the holiday catalog for all you who haven’t gotten a catalog yet. 🙂 This is the cover. I like how it’s lots of girls wearing different outfits, but those 2 girls in the front seem to be pushing to the front a little bit. 🙂 Then, it’s the set that Valerie created. Didn’t she do a great job? I love all the treats! The blonde-haired doll and Grace are her actual dolls too. 🙂 The gold {Read More}

Grace in the Garden – A Photoshoot

Why so many photoshoots? I guess I’ve been inspired by all the #Joy2EveryGirl Instagram American Girl doll photos. I had lots of fun taking these and editing them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have! Here’s Grace sitting in a chair. It’s the same red bistro chair that they use at all the American Girl stores for the Grace photo op. All these photos were taken at my grandma’s house.  My grandma owns 2 red bistro chairs {Read More}

Grace in Braids – A Photoshoot

Have any of you styled your Grace’s hair into braids? She adorable with them! I couldn’t resist taking a few photos of her today. Here’s here whole outfit. I was experimenting with different combinations. I can’t believe how much of a difference that hat makes! I’m planning of buying some of American Girl’s new hats for my dolls. Hat: American Girl Casual Chic Outfit Shirt: American Girl True Spirit Outfit Pants: American Girl In-Store Exclusive Shoes: American Girl Silver Shimmer {Read More}

Darica, a Fall Princess – A Photoshoot

I had a little trouble with these photos. I was in the shade so they were really dark for some reason, but I touched them up. I hope you like them! I lightened up her eyes in this photo. I like the effect. 🙂 American Girl has used this material a LOT of times… I wonder what’s up. The shoes are super cute though. I love the bows! This is one of my favorites. Here’s the flower clip that comes {Read More}