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Valerie’s Trip to the American Girl Headquarters – Video

Valerie herself made a behind the scenes video of her trip to the American Girl headquarters. She had lots of fun, and got a free doll and some other gifts too! I wish I could be the next girl to go to their headquarters! I probably won’t be, but I’ll still wish and work hard on my art. 🙂 — American Girl Doll Artist

In the Kitchen with Grace – A Photoshoot

Enjoy the photos of Grace hard at work in the Patisserie!  Uh oh! Busted! Time for a snack! Grace thanks you for visiting, and says to come back soon! — American Girl Doll Artist    

Christmas with American Girl

American Girl has redesigned their home page, along with their Play page. Don’t these girls look like their having fun? 🙂 Go to their home page to watch the video that goes along with this photo. Ah, cozy pj’s. I actually bought these Polar Bear pajamas but I’m saving them to give to one of my dolls on Christmas Eve. Decorating the tree! The new Holiday gift card! Ahhhhh! Great photography! I can’t wait to get the huge Christmas catalog {Read More}

Grace’s Bakery is Sold Out!

Grace’s Bakery is sold out. American Girl has confirmed this on their Facebook page. They didn’t make as many Patisseries because of the price, but many people still bought it so they were out of stock early. There is a Patisserie on Ebay that is marked as $1,495 and 11 people are watching it. Unbelievable! Another one is marked at $1,629.99 and 43 people are watching that too.  I could only find about 5 Patisseries on Ebay and all of {Read More}

Find More Than You Bargained For – 40% New Sale Items!

American Girl has just posted 5 new pages of sale items! They have the Christmas PJs from last year, the silver Christmas dress  from last year too. They have many My AG outfits and clothing for girls. Check out the items HERE. I really want the Delicious Breakfast Set. I have wanted it for a long time, but I don’t have any money in my AG envelope. 🙁 Oh well, I can live without it. 🙂 — American Girl Doll {Read More}

Behind the Scenes with American Girl: Building a Set

American Girl has chosen a girl named Valerie to team up with to create some new sets. They found her from her Instagram account. She has such great photography and an eye for fashion that I guess they chose her! In this video, you can see some sneak peeks on how American Girl creates sets! I am over-the-top excited. That’s exactly what I want to do! I want to create sets for American Girl! I wish American Girl could team {Read More}

Sewing: Pleated Skirt

Today, Grace is here modeling the new pleated skirt I sewed a few days ago. I used the pleated skirt pattern from Pixie Faire and it was very easy. 🙂 I had lots of fun and Grace looks super cute in it! Isn’t she cute? A close up of the design. Here’s a picture I made of Grace sitting in the grass. I used Photoshop and made the little polka-dots around her. 🙂 And Catlover02’s new kitten wanted to play {Read More}

October 2015 PWP

The purchase with a purchase for October 2015 is the Soft as Snow outfit, $17 with a purchase of $50. SHOP NOW — American Girl Doll Artist

American Girl’s William Sonoma Collection

William Sonoma has released a line of baking kits and other items inspired by American Girl! Take a look! SHOP THE COLLECTION  When Grace first came out, she inspired Catlover02 and I to bake. A lot. Because of our food allergies, we didn’t use normal recipes and used ingredients such as coconut sugar, honey, coconut flour, coconut oil, palm shortening, and baking soda. We tried a couple of times to master macarons, but they didn’t turn out the same. They {Read More}