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American Girl’s Cyber Monday Sale 2015

American Girl started their Cyber Monday sale today. Well,12:00 A.M. Central, to be exact. To be honest, I was disappointed with the selection. There was only a few things I liked, and most of it was retired girl clothing, miscellaneous Bitty Baby items, and a few historical dolls’ clothing. Last year, American Girl had 21-23 pages of sale items. This year’s sales don’t even compare to that. I hope their Daily Deals (50% off) are better. The Daily Deals are {Read More}

Sewing – My 4th Pleated Skirt

What is up with me and the skirts? I just really enjoy making them! So, yesterday I finished a pleated skirt with a cute pattern on the fabric. Spring is here modeling it today. Doesn’t she look so cute? Coral is really her color. The skirt is cotton, and I used white thread. I had no complications and might list it in Peppermint Pursuits! When I began to make the skirt, I wondered what it would look like in the {Read More}

Is it Christmastime Already?

Jessica hummed to herself. She was showing Spring and Josefina her dance routine and she didn’t want to mess up. Her feet already knew the steps, so it was pretty easy. She finished and realized she had been closing her eyes the whole time. She opened them to see Spring and Josefina smiling. “That was pretty good!” Spring commented. Jessica closed her eyes again and curtsied to an imaginary crowd. Just then, a door in the house slammed and aloud, {Read More}

New PWP – 4th One for November 2015

American Girl has a new purchase with a purchase – read this post to find out more.

Mysterious Skirt on Ebay

This pink polka-dot skirt was found on Ebay. I don’t know if it is for American Girl, since I didn’t see any AG tags on it. It could be for Bitty Twins or Bitty Baby. Or it could be for Truly Me dolls, maybe a new birthday outfit, since the other one is almost 2 years old. What do you think about it? -Catlover02

American Girl Black Friday Sale + 20% Coupon Code

American Girl has a lot of Black Friday Sale items.  There is also an awesome coupon code: GIFT20. The coupon works through  December 12th. American Girl sent out 20% off coupon codes in some random holiday magazines, but the people who received them, thought they would sell them on Ebay. Some people were pretty upset. So I guess this is American Girl’s way of making up. If you were to buy the bakery, ($500), then with the coupon, it would {Read More}

American Girl Craft Sets – Available Online

American Girl released some new craft sets a about a month ago. There was some craft kits, a Beforever fashion design notebook, and other things. American Girl now has them available on their own website. You can check them out HERE. Here are a couple of the new items: I like the Beforever design book most of all. I had another book similar to it a long time ago and really enjoyed it. – American Girl Doll Artist  

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving! What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? I love eating pumpkin pie, and watching the Thanksgiving parade on TV. Pie…. All my dolls would like to share with you what they are thankful for: Kaya is thankful for: Her modern shawl outfit All her sisters All the pets, especially dogs. Sarah is thankful for: Her family Her warm bed The fact she doesn’t live with a reckless parent Jamie is thankful for: All her clothes Her best friend (partner {Read More}

One More Day for Free Shipping – November 25th 2015 Only

American Girl was planning to end the free shipping yesterday, but they let everyone have 1 more day – Enter “FSGIFT” at checkout. They tricked me! I thought for sure they would have a Jill’s Steals and Deals today. Oh well, Black Friday is only a 2 days away! – American Girl Doll Artist

Review: Pippaloo’s Madeleines

Hello! Grace here. Today, I am going to be reviewing Pippaloo’s madeleines. Pippaloo makes delicious treats for dolls. They all look very realistic! Take a look. They are a French treat, so they are a great addition to La Patisserie. 🙂 As you can see, they are perfectly doll-sized and shaded to add detail. The madeleines are fully baked, to ensure customer happiness. 🙂 This set came with 5 plain madeleines and 5 chocolate dipped madeleines. Mmm…. They look very cute {Read More}