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Coloring Page Release – February 2016

Check out all the new coloring pages for February!

Review: Spring Breeze Dress

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to be reviewing the new Spring Breeze Dress Set for dolls from American Girl. I purchased it on a trip to the AG store last weekend. 🙂 Lea was picked to model this time. 🙂 Ahem, I mean, she’s my newest doll, so of course she’s modeling it! 😉 When I first saw this outfit I loved it immediately. It looks like an outfit I’d wear and the sky blue color just screams springtime! Here is the {Read More}

Pippa – A Photostory

Spring jumped up and down. “Guys! The plane’s here! Pippa should be here any moment!” She pointed out the airport lounge’s giant window. A passenger jet had just flown in a few seconds ago. Grace looked out the window and glanced at the plane worriedly. She’d never greeted a new sister before, since she was the youngest, and was wondering if Pippa would like her. Bethany sat on the window seat and leaned on the glass pane.  “I heard Pippa {Read More}

Melody Ellison Stock Photos

American girl leaked the Melody Ellison doll and her Peplum dress stock photos. It looks like her Peplum dress will come with an extension that does something to her hair. It definitely does not look like the Melody doll on the top. 😛 – Catlover02 =^-^=  

Melody Doll on CBS News – Video

The Melody doll debuted today on CBS News! I think she’s super pretty. She has a recording studio, a bed, and a dog named Bojangles. Here are some snippets of the video: You can see she is wearing an outfit leaked awhile ago on Instagram supposedly for Bitty Babies. I think they are her Pj’s. They look kind of similar to Maryellen’s though. It also looks like she has a green music player, some book and tickets, maybe part of {Read More}

Do You Want to Know My Secrets?

I know you all have been wondering what my “secrets” are. Since  you have all been so good and patient, I have decided to tell you what I’m working on! What I’ve been working on is a new blog series. I’m currently in the process of writing the story in Microsoft Word. I’m already on my 9th page, and I’m not even near the climax yet. It could very easily reach 15 parts. I’m planning on writing the entire story and taking {Read More}

Melody’s Reveal – Monday, Feb 22.

Melody Ellison’s Doll Debut will be on CBS tomorrow morning, February 22. They are also having an “American Girl feature” on CBS this morning. I wonder what it’s about. Are you going to watch the debut? I usually watch it on their website later. – American Girl Doll Artist  

Leaked – Wellie Wishers Dolls!

The Wellie Wishers dolls have been leaked.   There are going to be 5 dolls. They all wear galoshes, which is where the name “Wellie” came from. Galoshes are called wellies in the UK. These photos are from Instagram and are from Mattel’s toy fair presentation. Personally, I don’t care for them, but I’m not the target market. They remind me of Hopscotch Hill and H4H dolls. They are said to be 16 inches tall and they will cost $60 {Read More}

New Zcrew Merchandise Available Online

American Girl released some new Zcrew-themed items for girls! They seemed to have been released last Thursday, but I never saw them until now. This T-shirt is just like the one Z has, but it’s for girls. It’s $24 and available in sizes S, M, and L. The tablet case is $20. I think it would have been better if you could see the screen through it, but that’s just my opinion. I think $20 is a reasonable price. Finally {Read More}