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The Guiding Compass – Part 3

Lea looked up and nodded, “That’d be great, thanks.” “Okay, just follow me!” Grace exclaimed. Grace left the room with Lea at her heels and entered the spare room, which they had prepared for Lea with a trundle bed and a desk. “Here we are!” Grace exclaimed, spreading her arms out wide. “Your room!” Lea looked around. The walls were a little drab, but her eyes lit up when she spotted a paper sea turtle hung up on the wall {Read More}

New Skirts Available in Peppermint Pursuits!

I’ve listed 4 new skirts in Peppermint Pursuits: A new (western?) high-low skirt – $12.00 Blue floral Maxi Skirt – $12.00 Blue Swirly Sarong Skirt – $14.00 Purple Floral Sarong Skirt – $14.00 Thanks for looking! – American Girl Doll Artist (and seamstress)

The Guiding Compass – Part 2

The door opened slightly, and a timid-looking girl appeared in the doorway. Her dirty blonde curls matched her tan complexion and reached the waist of her brightly colored tribal print dress. With one of her hands she clutched the embroidered strap of her burlap messenger bag and in the other she held a camera. Its neon pink strap dangled from it, unused. She had set down beside her an American Girl shopping bag. It was obvious it was filled with {Read More}

Clay Tutorial: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yay! Now you can learn how to create one of the most delicious desserts in this easy-to-follow tutorial.

Save Up to 30% On Orders of $125+

You can save up to 30% on orders from American Girl now through March 26th! Enter code “SAVEUP230” at checkout. SHOP NOW If you spend $125, you get 25% off. If you spend $200+, you get 30%. This is a great deal! I don’t really have the money for a purchase that large, and I’m kinda hoping they have some new releases soon, but this is one of their biggest discounts yet! Will you be buying anything? – American Girl {Read More}

Lea To the Rescue – Movie Trailer

American Girl has released the movie trailer to Lea’s new movie, Lea to the Rescue! It was rumored to be “Lea Leads the Way,” but it’s not. If you say it out loud, it does sound strange on your tongue. I’m glad they switched it. 🙂 I am looking forward to watching it sometime. 🙂 The actor who plays Lea looks almost too young, compared to Olivia Rodrigo, who looked a little old for her part as Grace, in Grace {Read More}

Did You Check Out the World By Girls Winners?

How many of you checked out the American Girl play website when you got up this morning? How many of you noticed the big button that said, “World by Girls Winners?” How many of you pushed the button, and saw the winners? How many of you noticed the 14-17 age group grand prize winner? It’s me! I won the grand prize in the World by Girls contest. Here is my drawing: And this is my paragraph I wrote (and my {Read More}

Introducing… The Guiding Compass – Part 1

Ahem. I think it’s time to start my new series – The Guiding Compass. As you probably have already guessed, the Guiding Compass is going to star Lea… Grace… Kanani… Sarah… Kaya… Isabelle… …and Jamie. And some other people I’m not going to mention at the moment. Without further ado, The Guiding Compass, Part 1! *dim the lights* Kanani Akina straightened the skirt of her blue, peplum dress and surveyed the room before her.  She and her 5 other sisters had {Read More}

Coral and Purple – A Photoshoot

Hello! Several days ago my little siblings had soccer practice and I went with them to take pictures of Jamie and Isabelle in a new location. I really like how these turned out. 🙂 So cute! Jamie’s actually holding the picnic basket on her own – no rubber bands included. I actually left my doll hairbrush there overnight. 😉 My parents had to go get it the next day. Some of the paint has chipped off, but it’s still good. {Read More}

NEWS: Truly Me Bundle Sale

American Girl is having another sale! This time, it’s another Truly Me Bundle sale. You buy a Truly Me doll, a canopy bed and the Petals and Plaid PJ’s. Yes, there is a new canopy bed. It’s really cute, and I wish I could buy it separate. The teal color is really nice with the cool bedding. It’s only available through March 22nd. Here’s a closer look at the canopy bed. I love the ruffles on the bottom, it makes the {Read More}