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News: Melody Ellison Mini Doll and More

AG now has the Melody Ellison Mini Doll for sale on the American Girl Publishing site. She is super cute, though I’d like her better if her hair was a bit straighter… That curl looks a bit out of control. Her dress is really similar to the 18 inch doll, and the tiny blue bows are adorable. 🙂 <3 They also have released a new activity book, Explore with Lea, which is kind of like the Baking with Grace book. {Read More}

American Girl Spring/Summer Releases – My Thoughts

When I heard there was going to be new releases on the 28th, I was like, “Finally!” AG hadn’t come out with anything for over a month and I needed new coloring page material. 😉 I’m going to share my thoughts about each item from the release. Let’s get started! Lea’s Celebration Outfit – $34 I like this, but I don’t like it enough to buy it. I love the embroidery details and the headband though.The blue suits her. 🙂 Lea’s Picnic {Read More}

Doll Drawing Update

As some of you may have remembered, one of my surprises I mentioned several weeks (or months) ago, is my doll drawing. Since I have added 2 more dolls to the family, I should probably get the drawing done. My current doll drawing only shows 6 dolls, and my doll family is now grown to a grand total of 8 dolls. Doll drawings take a long time. I have to draw each doll to my liking and color each one. When I {Read More}

Peppermint Pursuits -April 2016 Clothing Release

Hello! I released these items on Friday but just haven’t had the chance to post about them. I was going to post last night, but I was extremely busy watching the Phantom Menace for the first time. 😉 Priorities. So here are the items: Pink High-low skirt – $12.00 (2) Blue Polka Dot Wrap Dress – $21.00 (1) Bermuda shorts with welt pockets – $16.00 (2) Coral wrap dress – $21.00 (1) Which item is your favorite? – American Girl {Read More}

The Guiding Compass – Part 8

A few days later, Sarah was walking down the driveway to fetch the daily mail delivery right that afternoon. Opening the mailbox door, she looked inside and saw a pile of catalogs and letters. With the mail in her arms, she went through the entire stack as she walked back up to the house. There was a postcard from Grace’s cousin, a letter from Isabelle’s friend, a bill from American Girl, and the latest edition of Petite Pastries. Sarah searched {Read More}

Peppermint Pursuits Menu – April 2016

Hello, fellow bloggers and readers! I am announcing the April 2016 menu for Peppermint Pursuits! 🙂 Ahem. So, yes, onto the menu. Frosted Brownies Set of 5 -$15.00 (These are one of my favorites) 😀 2 Reese’s Pieces Tartlets and 2 Oreo Tartlets – $17.00 Cornbread Squares Set of 3 – $9.00 Head or Tails Oreos Set of 6 – $10.00 Vanilla Oreos Set of 6 – $10.00 Corn Muffins Set of 4 – $10.00 Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies Set {Read More}

Forest Princesses – A Photoshoot

This is the story of two princesses. They ventured out into the great unknown: The forest. Of course, they are slightly unaware of any danger as they frolic about. 🙂 They will soon be eaten by the vicious pond monster. (Giant toads) No, wait. Allow me to start over. 🙂 This is NOT about maidens in distress. Or even princesses. No, this is a photoshoot of two perfectly normal girls, just wearing very pretty dresses. My sister made these dresses {Read More}

The Guiding Compass – Part 7

When they arrived back home, Lea made sure the front door was locked and then went straight to her room. She realized that the paper turtle on the wall had fallen down. Making a mental note to herself to ask the others for some more tape, she opened her shopping bag and looked inside. She laid the clothing she had purchased out on the bed and studied it. Then pulling her messenger bag up and over her head, she took {Read More}

The Guiding Compass – Part 6

“Woah,” Lea said, in awe as they stepped through the doors of a shop called Dreamy Designs. There were clothing racks everywhere with signs that advertised their 50% off sale. Her mouth hung open as she took it all in. “I’ve never seen a store like this!” “Pretty cool, huh?” Kanani asked, watching Lea’s reaction. “This is actually one of the smaller stores,” Jamie said, acting like it was no big deal, “You must have not gone shopping much.” She {Read More}

20% off New Maryellen Doll Collections

American girl is having another bundle sale, this time with Maryellen. I also noticed they updated the sale page. There’s loads of girl clothing, but I particularly noticed two pairs of shoes. The blue sandals actually went with the Double Bow Dress and the sporty shoes actually went with the old tennis outfit. So, for those who lost the shoes to those outfits, now you can find a replacement! 🙂 🙂 😀 🙂 XD – Catlover02 =^-^= Are you going to {Read More}