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News: New Truly Me Birthday Outfit Leaked

Do any of you remember that skirt Catlover02 and I found several months ago? It was pink and had multi-colored sequins glued on. We guessed it went to a new birthday outfit for Truly Me dolls. Today I found a picture of the complete outfit, on the American Girl website itself! Turns out it IS a birthday outfit! It was on the home page carousel and it was advertising the Truly Me signature studio. I am pretty sure that is {Read More}

The Guiding Compass – Part 12

The rocks crunched underneath her feet as Lea trudged down the gravel road. She had been walking for 7 hours, and she had only gone a little over 2 miles. Sweat was dripped down her back. Though it was a spring day, it was cloudy and humid, and her Jedi cape wasn’t helping. Throwing back her hood, Lea shook her head, letting the cooler air flow around her neck. It made her feel better, but her stomach was still growling in {Read More}

The Guiding Compass – Part 11

The next morning, Grace and Isabelle were setting the table for breakfast. Isabelle spread plates all around the table and Grace carried the pastries to the buffet counter. “What’s today?” Isabelle asked, “Hopefully croissants. I’ll never get tired of those.” “Yep,” Grace affirmed, “Kaya will be happy.” She smiled, picturing Kaya’s smiling face when she noticed her favorite pastries were for breakfast. “Did you get the fruit yet?” Isabelle asked. Grace shook her head. “Not yet. It’s in the kitchen.” “Okay, {Read More}

Prize Package Reviews – Sparkle Sweater Outfit

So, it seems like I’m finally getting around to the reviews of my prizes I won in the World by Girls contest. I’ll try to do the reviews in order of smallest to largest, but outfits aren’t really small, or large. 😉 The first prize I’ll be reviewing is the Sparkle Sweater Outfit. It costs $30 from American Girl. Did you groan and say, “Not Jamie again!” ? Hopefully you did not. 😉 Anyway, the outfit consists of a sweater, {Read More}

Happy 2nd Birthday to Small Dolls in a Big World!

Today is a special day because 2 years ago today, I started my blog. I have been blogging for 2 years. 2 years! It does NOT seem like I’ve been doing it for that long. First, there are a few people I would like to thank : My mom – Thanks for always being encouraging and helping me be the best blogger/artist/seamstress/businesswoman I can be. I love you! <3 My brother – Thanks for switching my blog server again (and optimizing it {Read More}

American Girl Place New York – New Location and Modern Revamp!

American Girl is going to move and revamp their store in New York. It will be moved to the Rockefeller Center and they will redesign the entire store, making it more modern. “American Girl is considered a pioneer of experiential retail thanks to its iconic stores that were among the first to combine shopping with eating, playing, and all sorts of other -ings. Now, nearly two decades after it opened its first location, the brand is developing the “store of the {Read More}

Fangirl Shopping ~ A Photostory

“Bethany, are you sure you don’t want to come with us?” Pippa asked once again. Spring, Grace and Pippa were all going shopping at the mall. They invited Bethany along, but she insisted on becoming a couch potato and eating popcorn all day. “I’ll be fine.” Bethany shouted from the living room. “Shopping is so not for me.” “What about you, Josefina?” Grace shouted towards the kitchen. Only the sound of pots and pans could be heard. Grace grimaced. She {Read More}

The Guiding Compass – Part 10

That night when the dolls were getting ready for bed, Lea decided to take a quick nap and get some sleep in before her trip. She ended up sleeping for a bit longer then she expected. Lea woke up and couldn’t see a thing. It was long past midnight, but she had to leave. She felt her way throughout the room in the dark, gathering her messenger bag and lightsaber. Lea pulled on her boots, and fastened her Jedi robe. {Read More}

Isabelle and Crystal – A Photoshoot

Several weeks ago after I got the Shimmer Doodle Outfit, I decided to put it on Isabelle and take her out for a photoshoot. She looks really good in purple. 🙂 She needed a little companion for the shoot, and since Isabelle is a cat-lover, Crystal was perfect. Naughty kitty is trying to hide! “Where did she go?” I love photography in the golden hours. 🙂 – American Girl Doll Artist

May the Fourth Be With You!

Happy Star Wars Day to all my fellow Star Wars fangirls and nerds! If you are not either of those, then you can just ignore this post. But for those who are, I bet you were looking forward to this day! 🙂 Catlover02 made Pippa a cool costume. Check it out! Isn’t it cute? Pippa looks pretty adorable in it! For Star Wars Day my siblings and I wore our Star Wars shirts and tonight we watched Attack of the {Read More}