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A*G REWARDS – American Girl’s New Reward System!

Today, July 6th, American Girl has started their very own reward program titled “AG REWARDS.” Members will earn points by purchasing items. Each $1 spent is worth 1 point. Here are the different levels of rewards: Some of the things you can “earn” with your points. And when you reach 200 points, you get a $10 gift card. I think this is an awesome system! I love all the sneak peeks and bonus benefits included in the free membership. I {Read More}

Tay’s Trip to the American Girl Store

Hello everyone! I’m Tay! Today I’m here to be sharing with you guys some of the photos Mom took at the store. I got to come along. It was pretty awesome, it being my first time, and all. So here are the pictures. Wait, so do you want me to be like the commentator throughout the post? “That’s fine, Tay.” Awesome!! So, when we first went in, they had just started the “Welcome the Wellie Wishers” event inside. Girls could decorate {Read More}

The Guiding Compass – Part 16

“Who?” The name made Lea want to laugh from the ridiculousness and cry from terror at the same time. She was as confused as ever. “Who is that?” “You don’t know? Oh boy…” Tay said, quiet for a moment. Lea got a sinking feeling in her stomach. Tay had been energetic since the moment they’d met, and now she was completely quiet and still.  “Come on, tell me! I need to know!” Lea urged. Tay sighed. “Alright. Darth Rokoi is {Read More}