App Review: Runaway Pup

Runaway pup is a fun, entertaining InnerstarU app. It is sold for 3 dollars in the App Store.


This is the home screen when you first open the app. By playing the game, you earn badges which give you stars, for your Innerstar U account. You can log in by pushing the button in the upper left corner.

You pick a guide to play as. I chose Emmy.

Before you start the game, you can choose your guide’s clothes and add accessories.

Each character is paired up with another. Emmy is paired with Shelby and they search for Pepper together around the lake. This is the second mini game. You push the squares to make the pieces turn around and move. For example, Shelby is scared and can’t swim, so do you canoe closer to the beach or cut right across the lake? If you choose closer to the beach, make a path to the beach sign.

Near the end of the game you search for Pepper with binoculars. If you spot him peeking out, you tap him and he is found!

After you find Pepper, your friends throw a party to celebrate. They hide charms throughout the room and give you clues to find them. After that, you’re finished!


This is a fun game, but not one of those games that you want to play over and over. It doesn’t work on all devices, like iPod, 4th generation. I don’t think it is worth 3 dollars, maybe just 1 or 2. It is still fun though. The only challenging part is finding Pepper. Sometimes if I tap him, a message pops up and says, “nothing there, keep looking!” It’s a nice app, but probably not very interesting to 11+.

Stay tuned for my reviews on my little sister’s bitty baby changing table!
Today’s her birthday. :)