New Maryellen App – Rocket Rally

Maryellen has a new game app in the Apple store.


It costs $0.99.

The description:

“Meet Maryellen Larkin, a girl growing up in the 1950s — when American scientists were trying to send rockets and satellites into outer space for the first time. Use this app to design and launch model rockets with Maryellen. See how high your rocket can fly! Collect coins and fuel as the rocket travels. Spend coins to buy upgrades that will help your rocket fly even higher. Will your rocket make it to the moon?

Game Features
• Retro graphics
• Multiple rocket design options and colors
• Multiple performance upgrades and bonus boosters
• Endless play
• Optimized for iOS 7 or later. Compatible with iPad 2 or higher”

I think it looks pretty fun. :) Here are some game screenshots.


rocket 3

What do you think? Click HERE to view the page in iTunes.

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5 comments on “New Maryellen App – Rocket Rally

  1. I am new to American Girl and I was wondering if you guys think that they will come out with some new accessories for Maryellen. I would really want something Science related… something about space since that was a big part of her movie. Please fill me in with your thoughts.

    • Hm. Maryellen was released along with a school set, with a map, flash cards, etc., but nothing really science related. There was at one point, a microscopic kit for Truly Me dolls, but that was just recently retired. American Girl usually releases a few outfits and accessories for each Beforever character, a few more for the new character (Maryellen) , around mid-February. The next large Beforever release is at the end of August, so I think it would be great if AG would release a science set for Maryellen. But we will just have to wait and see. I hope this helps, AGmom!