Dream Come True Sweepstakes

You can enter to win a Beforever doll and matching doll and girl pajama set!


You can enter 1 time each day and get additional entries by emailing your friends!  I will enter, but I won’t be really disappointed if I lose. It’s just for fun, and I don’t really LOVE any Beforever dolls at the moment. :) Also, a sincere thank you to American Girl for making adults and older girls able to enter! They probably got too complaints about the Truly AwesoME sweepstakes. :)

The contest ends at the end of October, so Maryellen will be available by then.

If I won, I would probably get Rebecca for Catlover02 or Maryellen for Samanthalover. The

– American Girl Doll Artist


14 comments on “Dream Come True Sweepstakes

  1. Wow!! That’s SO AWESOME!! I would most likely get Maryellen, or Caroline if she wasn’t retiring. Sigh.