American Girl Beforever Catalog

AG 1

We got our American Girl magazine in the mail today! I enjoyed looking at all the new items. American Girl makes such great sets for the dolls, they almost look real! They should make a doll house set with 2 stories. It would probably sell for over $500 though. The cover of the magazine can fold out and it turns into a poster!

AG 2The Beforever dolls are on the front and this is on the back. You can push the picture to see it up close and read the words.

AG 3


Samantha’s ice cream parlor! See, the set looks real! I wonder what they do with the sets after they use them.

AG 4Her bicycle outfit is almost the only outfit without pink. Yes, there’s a tad bit of pink on her shirt and her hat, but the main color isn’t pink. I like the blue color.

AG 5


Her bed has so much detail!

AG 6

Samantha’s white coat looks really cute on her.

AG 7

Those skates look like they were made for the outfit!

AG 8

This is one of my favorite pictures! Her room looks so cozy.

AG 9

AG 10

AG 11

AG 12

AG 13

AG 14

AG 15


AG 16

AG 17

AG 18

AG 19

AG 20

AG 21

AG 22

AG 23
The back cover

What do you think? What are your favorite pictures?

– American Girl Doll Artist :)




6 comments on “American Girl Beforever Catalog

  1. I got my catalog yesterday! My favorite pictures are the one of Julie’s egg chair (the one you liked), and the one of Julie looking into the mirror with her holiday dress on :)