American Girl Holiday Catalog Photos – 2015

Here are photos of the holiday catalog for all you who haven’t gotten a catalog yet. :)
Front cover

This is the cover. I like how it’s lots of girls wearing different outfits, but those 2 girls in the front seem to be pushing to the front a little bit. :)

Valerie's creation

Then, it’s the set that Valerie created. Didn’t she do a great job? I love all the treats! The blonde-haired doll and Grace are her actual dolls too. :)

Holiday Dresses

The gold dress is so cute, especially on that doll. I love the background too.

Shopping Mall

Next is this holiday shopping scene. I would imagine those girls performing would be cold. I like how the doll in the carriage is wearing Samantha’s winter coat. It looks good on her! :)

Truly Me dolls

Here are the Truly me dolls.

Inside the mall

I like this shopping scene. Though I can’t figure out which doll is wearing the lacy dress. It looks like the doll with blue eyes, but she has green/gray eyes.

Special Extras

I also really like this too. You can see Julie’s vanity stool in the background. :)

Valerie Page 2

Here’s another page featuring Valerie.


Spa time!

Spa 2


This is one of my favorite sets. The doll look like sisters. It makes me want to get all my dolls a doll for Christmas. But that would be (quickly calculating) …$150 if they were $25. Yeah… :) Mini dolls are cheaper on Amazon though.


Here’s @MommyNMeAg’s feature page. I have noticed that most people put the jewel collar on the kitten. :)

Those bags are huge!

Living Room

Notice Maryellen’s lamp and TV guide on the cabinet. Did any of you see that?

Ice Skater

So pretty. :)


This is @dollventures’s feature page.


This set has Julie’s snack set in it. See how many pieces you can spot! I see 3. :)


Maryellen’s map and pointer go really well with this scene!

fashion creations

Here are some mix and match outfits created by different American Girl fans.


“Inspiration to spare? Hey Mom, please share.”  #Joy2EveryGirl

Christmas tree

Now, Grace’s Bakery!

Grace's Bakery

Grace's pastries

American Girl Ideas

This is @american.girl.ideas’s feature page. They have a blog too, with free plans to make your own wooden patisserie!


This is the photo with all the pajamas.

Mini dolls

Awwww, how cute is that?

Next are the Beforever characters.

Ice Skating Maryellen

Seaside Diner

Collection Mix and Match

And last of all, is this adorable Bitty Twins photo. :)

Bitty Twins

Thanks for looking! Has your catalog come yet?

— American Girl Doll Artist


11 comments on “American Girl Holiday Catalog Photos – 2015

  1. We received our catalog in the mail, and I really like it! The doll in the boutique is JLY #21, and American Girl did something weird with her hair. They must have curled it. You can tell because of her curlies framing her face. :) I like all of their scenes that have JLY and HC accessories and clothes in them, but I find it strange that AG would do that.


  2. I got my catalog a few days ago, and I love the photo of the two dolls opening the Maryellen doll together and the doll holding up the mini Julie doll.
    They look like real people! ;)

  3. I got the catalogue, and the doll in the lace dress is #21. She has honey-blonde hair, but it looks blonde in that pic. At first I thought she was a custom!! :)

    • I think American Girl is finally realizing what so many girls do – give mini dolls to 18″dolls as their own dolls, mixing collections, etc. We all do it! To me, it’s a little unusual since American Girl has never done it, but I kinda like it!