American Girl Activity Books on Amazon

There are most of the American Girl activity books on Amazon for cheaper prices.

Doll Star

Most of the prices vary from week to week, but here are the prices for this week:
Baking with Grace – $15.30

Doll Pets – $16.22

Doll Art Studio – $15.91

Doll School – $13.63

Doll Hair Salon – $18.05

Doll Scrapbook – $19.44

Doll Celebrations – $17.62

Doll Star – $14.38

Doll Dining – $15.69

Doll at Work – $17.93

Which one is your favorite?

— American Girl Doll Artist

P.S. Amazon also has cheaper mini dolls too.

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  1. Awesome! They have very cheap prices! 🙂 Can you check out my new blog?

  2. I can’t decide… Maybe Doll Boutique? I would like to buy Baking with Grace and Doll Hair Salon. Thanks for letting me know about this! Do you have any Activity Books?

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