American Girl Sale – A+ Savings Await and Gymnastics Bundles

American Girl is having a back to school sale! You save 20% off selected merchandise included the Truly Me locker, desk, and school outfits! :) See all the picks HERE.


They are also having gymnastics bundles that you can save on!



Bundle #1  – $205 (includes choice of a Truly Me doll) + free shipping.


Bundle #2 – $115 + free shipping.

Is there anything you have had your eye on? I really like the school stripes dress and winter white outfit (in the clearance section), but I’m not sure about the shipping though.. ;)

– American Girl Doll Artist


11 comments on “American Girl Sale – A+ Savings Await and Gymnastics Bundles

  1. Do they have any other sporty outfits for sale or in bundles? Like since the Olympics start TOMORROW?!?!?!!?! Actually technically they start on Saturday, but, well I think you know what I mean. 🙂

  2. This is cool. Do you think $205 is a good deal? I think so, cause, I mean, you get a doll too. I’m gunna have to do the math.
    ~ Katherine 🐯

  3. Wow! I have a doll planned that will be Mckenna’s best friend, Seirra, I may have to get this! Also all your guiding compass and other photos are amazing! What type of camera do you use?

  4. I think it’s strange the gymnastics set comes with a silver medal, are they trying to implant in your head that you are only capable of second place? That you don’t have what it takes to be first? I little strange if you ask me…

      • But they are draining your self confidence, even if it matches better that is not staying true to the brand. Imagine girls all over the world saying I’m only worth second place, nothing higher. I’m not capable of 1st place in not good enough. Imagine them not trying their hardest, this brings the question, in coming years will this HELP team USA win the gold medal? Or LOOSE the gold medal?