American Girl’s Cyber Monday Sale 2015

American Girl started their Cyber Monday sale today. Well,12:00 A.M. Central, to be exact.

To be honest, I was disappointed with the selection. There was only a few things I liked, and most of it was retired girl clothing, miscellaneous Bitty Baby items, and a few historical dolls’ clothing. Last year, American Girl had 21-23 pages of sale items. This year’s sales don’t even compare to that.

I hope their Daily Deals (50% off) are better. The Daily Deals are rumored to start tomorrow, but we are not for certain.



Did you see anything you liked? What were you hoping to see?

– American Girl Doll Artist


10 comments on “American Girl’s Cyber Monday Sale 2015

  1. Didn’t start at 12 AM EST – I was up and they were still “checking their lists.” I did find a few things I liked and bought, but nothing spectacular.

  2. Very disappointed. Especially since I had read so many blog and FB posts about how wonderful the CM sale had been in the past. But, I will check in on the daily deals and see what happens there.

  3. I was on at 1:30 Easter Time and it still wasn’t working right. So I waited, only to be disappointed. :(

    I did get a mini catalog today in the mail called “12 Days Together” and it states that there will be 12 days of deals. Maybe this will make up for today’s disaster.

  4. I was so disappointed on Black Friday. And was hoping Cyber Monday would be better… But not really! I don’t know what’s up! Last year they had loads of good outfits. This year they only have 4 or 5 outfits. Not even good ones! I am very disappointed….. Hopefully that means they are coming out with new items…